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Survivor Millennials vs Gen X 
Episode 2 Web Promo

Date:  9.24.16

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Transcript by SurvivorFever.net:

Announcer:  The culture war between Millennials and Gen X is heating up, but every battle has its rules...

Adam <camera confessional>:  Basic laws of Survivor, don't get into a showmance...

Justin <camera confessional>:  No couple ever lasts on Survivor. 

Taylor <camera confessional>:  I've got love goggles.

Adam <camera confessional>:  ...and don't get into a cat fight.

Figgy <talking to Michaela>:  Why are you being phony if you want to keep it real?

Michaela:  Ohhh?!?!

Announcer:  ...and the game takes a critical turn.

Medic:  Breathe.  You've gotta breathe buddy.

Medic <talking to Jeff Probst>:  He might have had a heart attack.


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