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Survivor Millennials vs Gen X Promo
Season 33

Date:  5.18.15


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Jeff Probst:  For our 33rd season, Survivor will put 20 new castaways to the ultimate test to prove which generation has what it takes to outwit, outplay and outlast.  It's Survivor:  Millennials vs Gen X.

Chris:  It's hard work.  It's not how fast I can type on Google to find the answer.  The Millennials, they don't have a clue what they're life is gonna be like or what they're doing.  They don't have a plan.  They certainly haven't been battle tested.  If you've never been knocked down, then you don't know how to get up and fight.

Taylor:  I think the older generation, they've been brainwashed with this "you have to have a career, you have to do A, B, C, D"   I'm a free man, I don't like to be caged.  You can do whatever the hell you want.  
I'm gonna go do it.  #sole survivor.

Mari:  You're constantly told, "Grow up.  Stop playing.  It's not a game.  This is life."  But I play video games online for a living.  It's a blessing and it's because I'm a Millennial.

Sunday:  I don't feel like most young person are quite as drive.  I just feel like they are a little bit more que sera sera.  If it takes me seven years to do school, who cares.  My parents are paying for it.

Zeke:  The stereotype of Millennials are they are always on social media, they're always on Twitter.  I generally resent technology.  I think Twitter is the worst thing ever invented.  I mean, I'm on Twitter but I still think it's horrendous.  I don't like being tied to my phone.  I might not look it but I'm a very outdoorsy person.  I can hack it out here. 

David:  They think we're old.  They think we don't get it, but we handed them the world that they're just taking advantage of.  And there were no participation awards when I was growing up, but honestly, who I am, I really could have used one.  I could have used a dozen.   Survivor is all about earning it, whereas Millennials feel like they deserve it. 

Probst:  The greatest social experiment on television continues with Survivor:  Millennials VS Gen X, this Fall on CBS.

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