Survivor:  Koh Rong Episode 8 Promo
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Date:  4.3.16


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Announcer:  It's been the most physical season of Survivor, ever.

Jeff Probst <previous episode>:  We're going to have an evacuation!

Announcer:  On CBS, Wednesday...

Jason <camera confessional>:  We're pretty united together, the Brains all gotta go.

Announcer:  The Brain game is on.

Aubry <camera confessional>:  If I find a crack, I might be able to find my way in.

Michelle:  I just feel like us girls should stick together.

Debbie:  We need to strike now.  I like the idea.

Announcer:  And what these castaways do at Tribal Council...

Michele <camera confessional>:  I want to make a move.

Announcer:  ...will blindside...

Julia <talking to Michele>:  We're going to have to do something at some point.


Cydney <camera confessional>:  If it backfires, oh well.


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