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Date:  3.25.16


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Announcer:  CBS, Wednesday...

Julia:  Oh my God!

Announcer:  ...a tribe merge.

Michele <camera confessional>:  Now everything's shifted.

Debbie <camera confessional>:  I love change.  I love mixing it up.

Announcer:  A battle over the beauties.

Aubry:  If we don't get the beauties on our side, the brains are screwed.

Jason <camera confessional>:  The beauties don't date the brainiacs.  They're at the dance with the jocks, and we're just stuffing geeks in lockers right now.

Announcer:  And an unexpected visit.

Male:  Uh, oh.

Scot:  What's this?  Jeff's here?

Announcer:  Changes everything.

Jeff Probst <at merged camp, talking to tribe>:   Once again, the game has changed.


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