Survivor:  Koh Rong Episode 3
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Date:  2.26.16


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Announcer:  Survivor, Wednesday...

Anna <at Challenge>:  Let's go, let's go!

Announcer:  ...Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty has just begun, and...

Kyle <camera confessional>:  It's on.


Scot <camera confessional>:  It's idol time, baby.


Alicia <camera confessional>:  The idol is power in this game.

Announcer:  ...war.

Peter <camera confessional>:  Lis and I are in control.  We're out for blood.

Debbie <camera confessional>:  Their goal is to take the rest of us out.  It's not happening.

Announcer:  And there's no room for chickens.

Caleb <camera confessional>:  Killing a chicken is best for our tribe.

Tai <camera confessional>:  To me, I feel it's wrong.

Caleb <talking to Tai while chopping off head of chicken with machete>:  Hold it.

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