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Brawn vs Brains vs Beauty II
Episode 14 Promo

Date:  5.11.16


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Jeff Probst:  Next time on Survivor, after 35 of the toughest days in Survivor history, we are down to four, and with alliances up in the air, it is anybody's game to win.

Tai <talking to Aubry>:  I realized last night, all the game became individual. 

Probst:  Aubry has lost her closest ally for the second time this season...

Tai:  It's sad that Joe left.

Aubry <camera confessional>:  With Joe gone, I don't have many options. 

Probst: ...and then scrambles to find a new one.

Aubry <talking to Tai>:  The best move for your game would be to stick with me.

Aubry <camera confessional>:  I played this game making hard decisions.  I'm not going to throw it all on an emotional decision at the eleventh hour.  

Probst:  Michele has played a game centered around loyalty. 

Michele <talking to Cydney>:  Your name's not getting written down by me.

Probst:  ...but now struggles to find someone she can trust.

Michele:  If Tai wins, I feel like I'm screwed.

Probst:  She will have to fight her way to the end.

Michele:  I've been on thin ice but I will fight as hard as I can until my torch is snuffed.

Probst:  Cydney is playing with fire with competing alliances. 

Michele <talking to Cydney>:  Aubry definitely wants to go to the end with you.

Cydney:  But I'm tight with you too, though.

Probst:  Will they carry her to the end or blow up in her face?

Cydney:  There's definitely a trick to being in the middle.  You have to play the game and not let the game play you, especially at the end, that's the most important part.

Probst:  Tai is without an advantage or an idol.  For the first time in the game, he is vulnerable. 

Tai <talking to Aubry>:  I'm at the bottom, right?  You girls all get together.

Probst:  Without a solid alliance Tai may have to draw on new resources. 

Tai <camera confessional>:  Every single decision I go with my heart, but I have to look at the bigger picture, because ultimately I want a million dollars at any cost. 

Probst:  It all comes to a dramatic conclusion...

Probst <starting challenge>:  Go!

Probst: these four battle it out for a million dollar prize and the title of Sole Survivor.

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