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Brawn vs Brains vs Beauty II
Episode 14 Promo

Date:  5.13.16


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Announcer:  Survivor Finale Wednesday...

Jeff Probst:  There's only one thing on your mind, getting to the end.

Announcer:  ...the end of the most punishing season of Survivor.

Probst <from Episode 4>:  Call the chopper!

Announcer: here.

Tai <camera confessional>:  The game just switched again.

Announcer:  Three Tribal Councils. 

Michele <camera confessional>:  Everyone's trying to scramble.

Announcer:  Two unforgettable hours, and one...

Cydney <camera confessional>:  I just need to fight my way out.

Announcer:  ...epic...

Aubry <camera confessional>:  I'm not going down without a fight.

Announcer:  ...twist.

Probst:  Nobody saw that coming.


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