Survivor:  Koh Rong Episode 12 Promo
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Date:  4.29.16


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Announcer:  CBS, Wednesday...

Jason <talking to Cydney and Michele>:  Now's the time to start scheming.

Michele <camera confessional>:  It would be smart to go to the end with Jason.

Announcer:  ...only three episodes remain in this exciting and unpredictable season of Survivor.  

Aubry:  Michele is the next one to go.

Tai:  She's a bigger threat.

Cydney:  Absolutely not.  Tai is not going to dictate who I vote for.

Aubry <camera confessional>:  Cydney is not going to be told what to do.

Cydney:  Tai has his own agenda.

Joe:  I'd like to get rid of him.

Cydney:  If it came down to it, would you vote with me or would you vote with him?

Aubry  <camera confessional>:  This is a rough one.


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