Survivor:  Koh Rong Episode 11 Promo
Immunity Challenge Video Captures

Date:  4.26.16


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Jeff Probst:  Alright, here we go, for Immunity, Survivors ready?  Go!   Jason out to an early lead.  High stepping it to that obstacle.  Get up and over that platform.  It's going to come down to testing your memory, and after 29 days in this environment, who knows how many symbols and numbers you can hold onto at once.  You're trying to match numbers with symbols.   Once your brain fills up, you can head back.  There's no rhyme or reason to the symbol or the number that's with it, but you have to make a connection.  You've got to find a way in your brain to connect every symbol and lock that number in.   You don't know which symbols you're gonna need when you get back to the start.  It's unlikely you can remember all of them at once.  You've gotta memorize what you can and then head back. 

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