Survivor:  Koh Rong Episode 11 Promo
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Date:  4.22.16


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Announcer:  He turned on his alliance.

Scot <at Episode 10 Tribal Council>:  Wow.

Jason:  Tai turned.  I never saw it coming.

Announcer:  CBS, Wednesday...

Jason <camera confessional>:  I just want revenge right now.

Announcer:  ...will the ultimate betrayal...

Tai <talking to Jason>:  I did it in the name of the game.

Jason:   It's a game where you can do everything right and still lose.

Announcer: the ultimate mistake?

Julia <camera confessional>:  Tai's a big threat.  He's got his Hidden Immunity Idol and his advantage.  It's stupid not to get rid of Tai.

Tai <camera confessional>:  I don't trust anybody.

Jason:  We've got a plan for Tai.  <crack knuckles>  And he deserves it.

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