Survivor:  Koh Rong Episode 10 Web Promo
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Date:  4.15.16


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Jeff Probst:  How big is loyalty?

Scot <talking to Julia>:  You're playing both sides.

Jason:  But you come with us, we're going final three.

Probst:  You can't play this game without getting a little dirty.

Audry <camera confessional>:  If I have to turn on her, I'm ready to fight.

Probst:  This is the time to make a move.

Julia:  The three guys have two idols.

Michelle:  That scares me.

Julia:  That scares me, too.

Jason <camera confessional>:  We've got Julia on our side.  We're just unstoppable.

Probst <at tribal Council>:  Just when you think you're safe, whoops, there goes another blindside.

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