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Survivor Kah Rōng : 
Brawn vs Brains vs Beauty II

Date:  12.17.15


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Jeff Probst:  For our 32nd season a new group of castaways take on the greatest adventure on television. 

Debbie:  I'm a electronics expert, a captain, a bartender, a photonics manufacturing supervisor.  I'm a chemist, caretaker to nuns and between jobs, Red Lobster as a server.

Liz:  I've achieved a lot.  I have a degree from MIT.  I got a perfect score on my SAT.  I think everybody recognizes, I'm actually, unusually intelligent. 

Scot:  I used to play in the NBA for 11 years.  I ran around and pushed people and I did it better than most people.  My friends call me "Caveman" let alone my enemies.  It's time for a caveman to win.

Cydney:  People do find my muscles intimidating.  I'm a woman taking care of her body, not just eating double cheeseburgers all day. 

Tai:  I'm a gardener.  I love all living creatures.  I want to be a gay, Asian guy, who is 51 year old, to win Survivor.

Caleb:  I may not have all the brains but I do have some good looks.  I am a man's man but at the same time, country boys like to dress up, too.  It's time for a country boy to show his true colors up in here. 

Probst:  But what none of them know is that they're about to face the most punishing season in Survivor history. 

Female:  It just hurts so bad. 

Medic:  The infection can destroy it in a matter of hours. 

Probst <talking to Medic>:  You are pulling him from the game?

Jason:  My shoulders are just destroyed. 

Probst <talking to female player>:  We're right here with you, alright?  Stay with us.  You're gonna be alright.

Female:  Oh my God.

Probst:  We're going to have an evacuation.  Call for the chopper!

Probst:  Brains versus Brawn versus Beauty.

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