Survivor Cagayan - Episode 13
Final Three Challenge  Promo Video Captures


Date:  5.19.14

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John Kirhoffer:  This is Roundabout.  It is a final Immunity Challenge.  It is a big maze with turnstiles, there are 170 turnstiles, half of which worked, half of which don't.  Contestants will have to figure out which is which as they race to collect medallions.  They will race out into a maze.  Run into turnstiles where they collect four medallions.  Once they have all four, they will use these to open a mystical magical chest.  Survivor chest, inside of which are puzzle pieces.  These are not ordinary puzzle pieces, these are wooden cogs.  They will use those cog pieces to assemble a puzzle.  Once the puzzle is put together, they will turn the cog raising a flag.  The first player, guaranteed a spot in the final something or other.  Not gonna give that away.




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