Survivor Blood vs Water 

Episode 14 Web Promo



Date:   12.11.13

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Announcer <camera confessional>:  Survivor Finale, Sunday ... 4 castaways remain!

Monica <camera confessional>:  This moment  is about me.

Ciera <camera confessional>:  I've done so much to get myself here.  This is my shot.

Tyson <camera confessional>:  I told myself I had to get to the end.  I'm sooo close.

Announcer:  And three others are fighting to reenter the game.

Laura <camera confessional>:  I am ready in so many ways. 

Hayden <camera confessional>:  I like my chances.

Tina <camera confessional>:  I can taste it. 

Announcer:  ...who will take it all in this jaw-dropping season?

Gervase <camera confessional>:  I want to win this game.  I want the title.

Announcer:  Two incredible hours.

Jeff Probst:  One Survivor!



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