Survivor Blood vs Water 

Episode 13 Web Promo



Date:   12.6.13

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Jeff Probst:  We are deadlocked.  

Announcer:  If you missed last week's historic Survivor episode, catch up now, On Demand.  And Wednesday...

Ciera <camera confessional>:  Hayden and I are down numbers now. 

Announcer:  ...the alliance of three seems unbreakable. 

Hayden <talking to Ciera>:  We have to try and drive a wedge between them.

Announcer:  All it takes...

Ciera <talking to Monica>: Tyson said you're weak.  He said you're a puppy on his leash and she'll do whatever I tell her to do.

Announcer: a crack...

Monica <camera confessional>:  If I am their puppy dog, they better stand corrected.  I am the swing vote. 





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