Survivor - Blood vs Water 

Episode 13 Redemption Island Promo



Date:  12.10.13

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Jeff Probst:  Here we go.  Two will live to see another day.  One will be out of this game for good.  Survivors ready?  Go!

Tina:  Alright Katie, you've got to do your sticks over and under and about a quarter to half way up the post. 

Katie: Okay, thank you.

Jeff:  Tina immediately barking out advice.  It's very simple. You have some pieces of wood and some twine.  You have to fashion a pole long enough to get out there to reach three keys. 

Ciera:  Good job, Mom. 

Probst:  Not only does your stick have to be long enough, it has to be strong enough that you can stick it out there and it won't crumble.   Laura has her stick put together already.  Right out of the gate she's going for it.  Will it be long enough? It is.  She has the first key.  Can she get it back through that gate?





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