Survivor Season 27 - Blood vs Water 

Episode 11 Redemption Island Duel Promo



Date:  11.26.13

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Jeff Probst:  Alright, here we go. Two will move on.  Survivors ready?  Go!

Probst:  That rope is rough.  It's gonna beat up your hands.  But you can't worry about that right now.  Vytas has his first box. Laura has her first box.  It is Vytas and Laura out to a quick start.  Tina has her first one!  Vytas making quick work of this.  Vytas has his second box.  There are four, total.  Laura has her second box. 

Ciera:  Good job, Mom.

Probst:  Tina, really slowing down.

Katie:  Pop that hard, Mom.

Probst:  It is Vytas and Laura both working on their third.  Vytas has his third.  Laura has her third.  Tina has her second.  She is one full box behind. That is a lot of time.




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