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Tina and Katie:

Dalton Ross:  Tina, you know how hard this is.  So, why are you doing this to your daughter?

Tina:  I love this question.  Why would I bring my daughter out here to suffer?  Well, I gave my daughter the option of suffering.  I did not say, "Katie, I will disown you if you do not come out here."  She did have a say in the matter.

Katie:  She told me that she would respect my opinion either way.  If I said "yes", she would be excited. If I said "no", it would be okay.

Tina:  And you'd get cut out of the will.

Katie:  I know my mother well enough to know that if I were to say no, she'd tell me, "okay, it's fine."  It's something that I am obviously so excited about.  She asked me to it.  She gave me the honest truth.  She didn't glamorize it.  She said, "It's going to be the toughest thing you ever do.  You're gonna starve, you're gonna be in the elements. And it's hard.  You're gonna lose a lot of weight.  And..."

Tina:  And I may have to vote you off.  It's the equivalent of a mother eating her young.

DR:  It's a little part of you, going from first to worst, that wants to prove, "I'm gonna show you what I still have in the tank for this game."

Tina:  Absolutely.  Having gone from first to worst, there is a side of me that wants redemption.  I wasn't sure if CBS would ever even invite me back to play Survivor.  So, I was very honored whenever they called me.  And of course, we're from a small town, Knoxville, everybody is watching and you so want to do them proud.  So, yes, redemption is very top of my list.

DR: Katie, will anyone bring your mom to the end after what Colby did?

Katie:  Wow, that's a good question. 

DR:  You see who's out here. Who are some good people you can work with?

Tina: I personally, I would love to work with Aras.  He's just good.  That for me would be a dream, if the two of us can make it.  Ooops, sorry, three!

DR: She slipped!

Katie:  Now I'm worried.


Kat and Hayden:

DR:  First question, what's harder, Survivor or Big Brother?

Kat:  Survivor is the hardest over Big Brother.

Hayden:  I will answer that question exactly in about 39 days.

DR:  It's a different kind of hard, right?

Hayden:  It's two, the games are similar, but at the end of the day it's totally different games.  I think Survivor is gonna be way tougher physically.  Big Brother, you can say is mentally harder because you're there longer, you're on lockdown, you have zero contact to anybody.  You don't see anything.  Really, I'll be the only person, ever, that can answer that question. 

Kat:  He's going down in history.

DR:  Do you think that you're a target because of your Big Brother win?

Hayden:  Yeah, I think I'll be a target early.  If not early, mid-game because: a) I won Big Brother and b) I'm a physical threat.  People are going to know I already won an awesome social game. 

DR:  Kat, the Survivor fraternity, what are they going to feel about somebody from Big Brother coming out.  Are they going to be like, no way this guy is coming in, this is our game, let's get him out.

Kat:  I don't think that anyone's going to feel that way.  I think that they all love Hayden.  Hayden's different. Hayden's not just some macho man that's going to try to take over their season.  And he knows all these people. These people know Hayden.  So, yeah, when we get into the game...I think they're going to be like, Hayden's a beast and we need him. 

DR:  Hayden, what is Kat's biggest weakness going into this game?

Hayden: Kat doesn't shut up sometimes.  She talks and talks and talks and tallllkssss.  That could get her in trouble.  She knows it.  I always tell her, hey, listen more than you talk.  You learn more when you listen, especially in a game like this. 


Laura and Ciera

DR:  Laura, how surprised and excited were you when you heard about this family twist that came out and there's no one here by the last name of Hantz?

Laura:  Who?  Hantz?

DR:  It doesn't ring a bell?

Laura:  No.

DR:  Laura, what's your daughter's biggest weakness?  What's the one thing that you're worried about in this game with her?

Laura:  It's clearly her missing her family.  She is an amazing mom, an amazing wife.  Even the plane ride over her tore her up.

Ciera:  You're gonna make me cry.

DR:  You know your mom and you've seen her play before.  What's her biggest weakness?

Ciera:  Definitely my mom's biggest weakness, we've talked about this, is her social game. She's got to not be so cliquey.  Build the relationships and nourish the relationships, throughout the game.  Physically, she doesn't have an issue there at all.

Laura:  Tone down, tone down.  I'm not very good at hiding my irritability.

Ciera:  You can just read what she's feeling right on her face.

Laura:  I don't like that about myself.  I don't want to be that way.  I hope I can genuinely go out there and if something bothers me, let it go.

DR:  If you both do make it into the finals, are you ready to tear into the other person?

Ciera:  I think for me, if I make it to the end and my mom's there next to me, it definitely won't be a tear down my mom, but it will be like, this is what I did. I think that will speak for itself.  I don't think there will be a need at the end to kind of tear each other apart.  It'll be obvious that I'll be the winner.

Laura:  Ha, ha!

Laura (talking to Tyson and Tina at camp):  A lot of times you say things and you might think you're saying something funny but when it comes out it's really not.


Gervase and Marissa:

DR:  Gervase, you know how rough this is.  How could you do this to your beautiful niece?  What are you thinking, man?

Gervase:  Misery loves company.  You know, they asked me who did I want to bring out here with me.  I went through a lot of names in my head.  I went through my own kids and all.  The only choice really was Marissa.  She's smart, funny.  She's a lot like me, which was one of the big things.   She's athletic, she can handle herself.  She's mentally strong, physically strong, so, I'm like, you know what, if you want to play the game, you want to play with yourself, right?  This is the closest I'm going to get to playing it with myself.

Marissa:  A younger version of himself. 

Gervase:  Yeah, so it was a perfect choice. 

DR:  You're the Survivor guy in your family.  Season 1, massive huge hit, 54 million people watched the finale.  This is your thing.  What if she comes in and does better than you?

Gervase:  It won't happen.  Look, I picked her, remember?  I didn't give away all my secrets.

Marissa:  That's what he thinks but everybody knows it's been 13 years.  Survivor is a different game.  It's a different game that he's not used to playing.  But of course he still has the advantage because he's used to playing where I've only been used to watching.  Everybody comes out with preconceived notions of how they're gonna do and then it just gets flipped upside down. 

DR:  Is there any scenario, Marissa, where one of you votes the other one out, cause that's what you need to do for one of you to get further in the game?

Marissa:  Most definitely.  I just hope that it's me writing his name down before it's him writing my name down.  We're competitive people so we understand that this is a game.  I think that's one of our advantages.  We are a niece/uncle duo.  Nobody else is like that.  There are siblings, spouses, mother daughter.  People like Tina would have a harder problem voting their offspring off than us. 

DR:  So Marissa, what's Gervase's biggest weakness going into this game?

Marissa:  I would say, first I would say age.  But then again, he just kicked my ass in a foot race. 

DR:  Are you ready to reintroduce yourself to a little beetle larvae, Gervase?

Gervase:  Absolutely not.  I'm so glad they just that this past season. 

Marissa:  You never know.  You really never know.  They might do it again and I will have to eat two times as much for us.

Gervase:  You're going to have to because I'm not doing it.  I'm telling you right now, that aint gonna happen, Captain.  People don't understand, eating something dead is one thing, eating something alive that's biting you back and fighting to get out of your mouth, it's a whole nother ballgame. 


Colton and Caleb

DR:  Colton, you had a very controversial time, last time out.  You spoke at the reunion about that, how you had some regrets.  When people come back, they obviously want to win, they want to do well.  They also say that, here's my chance to show America that  there's another side to me that they didn't see or how I've matured.  What's going through your mind as far as that goes?

Colton:  I don't really...I don't want to sit here in the interview or anywhere and talk about, I've changed, I've changed.  Because I feel like once you voice that, people stop listening.  I'm just going to basically let my actions speak for themselves.  The way that I conduct myself this time around, how I am, people can form their own opinions.  We know they love to.

DR:  Is there any scenario at all where you guys could see where one of you might have to vote the other one out if one of you can make it further.

Colton:  We have a plan.  Basically, our goal is final four. If we can get to final four then we are going to access the situation of the jury, see...we appeal to different demographics.    Let's see which demographic who appeals more to and put the other one on the jury.  That's a guaranteed vote. 

DR:  You have to consider, if you vote for me at the finals, do you split the vote.  Let's say it's a final three.

Colton:  The way Ponderosa is set up, I don't think vote splits typically happen.  I think people kind of control...the people that are sheeps in the game tend to be sheeps at Ponderosa.  The big personalities...I think that who you send to that jury is literally, and I didn't even get to this part of the game, so, it will be interesting to see how I play this and adapt to this.  I was trying to prepare myself in One World where people that I got rid of, when I got rid of them, I knew I wasn't going to get those jury votes.  Now, I will be honest and say, I don't think I would have gotten many jury votes.  I say that last time I came to play and this time I came to win.

DR:  You've got two other people from your season here.  Is that a good thing or a bad thing for you?

Colton:  I think it's going to be what I make it.  I would not be completely opposed to working with Monica Culpepper just because I think that it would be a great ruse for us to have.

Caleb:  People wouldn't see it coming. 

Colton:  No one has ever come back and worked with a person that has voted them out. It's never happened, ever.  I think that it would be very interesting and beneficial if she were to find a very sincere apology, sincere.  And as far as Kat, Kat and I don't really have a history, positive or negative.  I think she's dangerous because I think she's going to try to play like Kim Spradlin.  I think that's like giving an 8 year old a machine gun. So, that's a little scary.  Duck!


Monica and Brad

DR:  Brad, how do you think this is going to compare to Two a Days?

Brad:  Not dissimilar.  I played for the University of Florida and I played most of my NFL career with the Buccaneers and it was very humid.  I was a lot heavier then.  I was probably 275-280 but even at that size, I was considered small. 

Monica:  Here's the deal.  He's a walking infirmary now and he needs me to help calm him down. 

Brad:  The hotter, the better.  All the fat offensive linemen would hate it and I could stay out.  I'm hoping that it rains everyday. I'm hoping it's 100% humidity.  I hope it's a 100 degrees.  I've been taught to embrace misery.  I hoping that's what happens.

DR:  Monica, what is Brad's weakness in this game?

Monica:  The culture of Survivor has changed so much from who is really the biggest Survivor out here to used to be from the beginning of the game to the merge, you kept all the strong people.  Now they're getting rid of the strong people.  So for Brad, being strong is not an asset.  I will constantly be that little gnat in his ear saying "back off, if we don't have fire tonight..."

Brad:  The threats are the John Cochrans of the world. Those are the people that are winning. You don't want to go to the world with a bunch of Cochrans because you're going to get beat.  You need some shields.  The only reason he won is because they had the three amigos at the merge.  Those guys were deflecting all the attention off of him and he was able to slide his way and he gets to the final three with crybaby and I don't even know who the other one was because they were such a nonfactor.  To me, those are the threats, the ones that are not threats, are the real threats and that's who's winning Survivor the last 10 times.

Monica:  Definitely and I think it's been fun this last season to see some of the muscle get back.  What I would love to see out here is the muscle join together instead of eat each other alive.  Let's go to the end. Let's say, "Come on Big Gervase, whatcha got?"

Brad:  Here's the deal.  You want to go with somebody to the merge that doesn't have the Survivor knowledge of some of these ex-winners.  Tina Wesson won, Aras won.  You've got Rupert, the pirate.

Monica:  He's kind of the old curmudgeon.  He's a Survivor journeyman.  He's played out here over a hundred days and he's very well liked.  He's very loyal. 

Brad:  Have you ever noticed about Rupert, when he smiles he kind of looks like a ventriloquists dummy. 

Monica: You're always jealous of Rupert because you can't grow a beard like him.

Brad:  He looks like a dummy.  Not a dummy but a ventriloquist's dummy.  I'm gonna do something with him.  I'm gonna put my hand behind him and say, "Russell, I'm with you."  I'm gonna have him do that and then I'm gonna say "Move your mouth."   I'm gonna do that to Rupert.   He looks like a ventriloquist's dummy. 

Monica:  He looks like he's a lot of fun and his wife looks like she's a lot of fun.



Rupert and Laura

DR:  Rupert, you know how hard this is.  Why would you do this to your loved one and bring her out here.

Rupert:  Oh my gosh.  When Survivor called me and they said they wanted loved ones to come out with us, the first five that I gave them, Laura was not in that.   Laura always said that she never really wanted to play the game.  Years ago we always signed the paperwork that said loved ones cannot play the game. 

Laura:  You're not eligible.

Rupert:  So she never really thought about it.  After a week or so, Laura finally looked at me and said, "Why the heck didn't you send them my name?"  I was not going to volunteer Laura.  I wanted Laura to ask.  When I first went into the game 10 years ago in Pearl Islands, I kind of drug my wife and daughter and my family in with it.  I didn't want to drag Laura out here unless she wanted to come.

DR:  Would you ever vote your wife off?

Rupert:  The game is giant but my marriage is even bigger.  I love my wife and you will hear me say to others, "We might have to get rid of Laura."  But there is no way I would ever write my wife's name down.  I don't see it. I've already told Laura, if you have to, because I know I'm going to be a lot bigger target than you.  If Laura has to write my name down, it's more than fine.  But I don't think we'll ever have that.  I think we're going to make it to the final two.  And then one of us hopefully will get first and the other one will get second.  I'd love a clean sweep where we take first, second and fan favorite,  because we played the game like you're supposed to, the same way I won America's Tribal Council.  You don't have to be a horses butt to win this game.  You can't be an angel but you sure don't have to be an ass.

DR:  So who is the one you guys don't want to live with.  You've seen who else is out here. Is there anyone that you're a little weary of?

Laura:  Just people that are scared of everything that moves.  I've noticed there's a few people...

DR:  Alright, who is that?

Laura:  ...they probably won't handle discomfort very well.

Rupert:  The person that Tyson's with.  Looking terrified when the storms came last night, you should have seen those eyes.  We watched Gervase's loved one.  That's someone that is really struggling with even...

Laura:  This process. 

Rupert:  Right, just trying to make it through this.  I can't imagine what they're going to be like out on the island.  You know, I love Gervase.  I hope his loved one is as tough as he is. 

DR:  So when you heard that this was a family/loved ones season, how excited were you when you got out here and didn't see anyone with the last name of Hantz?

Laura:  Oh my God. Thrilled!

Rupert: Oh my gosh. 

Laura:  These people are pretty cool.  This is a nice group.

Rupert:  If there was a Hantz out here, that is the first target.

Laura:  Gone.

DR:  Rupert, this is your 4th time playing.  You know the 4th time was the charm for Boston Rob.  Is the 4th time going to be the charm for you?

Rupert:  With my wife as my sounding board, you darn right. Twenty-seven is my time. Twenty-seven is my number.  When I turned 27 on the 27th.  Twenty-seven has been a dominate number in my life, forever.  Now I have my wife out here to help and I don't win, Laura's going to.


Aras and Vytas:

DR:  How have you prepared, Aras?  How have you prepared him for this game?  You went through it and you won it.  What have you told him?

Aras:  Vytas and I have spent mornings running in the hills in the Santa Monica Mountains.  One day while we were running, one of Vytas' arch rivals, another dog owner...

DR: You have an arch rival?

Vytas:  She just doesn't like my dog.  My dog humps her dog. She doesn't like her dog getting humped.  She thinks that she's getting humped because her dog is getting humped. 

Aras:  So anyway, Vytas has this arch rival in the hills, so we're like running and Vytas and her are getting into it and start to throw barbs at each other and finally it ended and we made it up to where we needed to go at the end of the run.  I said to Vytas, "Your challenge isn't in running up this hill.  Your challenge is keeping your mouth shut without sending those barbs to her.  That's going to get you in trouble." There's no way I can prepare Vytas for the deprivation.  Hell, I can't prepare myself for that.  I'm just as frightful of going through it again.

Vytas:  As we were going up that hill, the following morning, I think it was, we get up to the top of the hill and Aras starts to throw up a little bit and I said, "Aras, what's up?  Are you not in shape?"  And Aras said, "No, I was just thinking about hard it's going to be out there and I got afraid of the deprivation, so I got really sick to my stomach."

DR:  You guys see who else is out here.  Who are some of the pairings that you guys are thinking you might want to work with. 

Aras:  I'm a big fan of Tina.  Not only because she's a winner but because she's got a great energy about her.  The currency in this game is trust.  You have to align with people.  It's a lot nicer to align with people you trust.  It provides peace and peace provides space to really read into things.  So, I like Tina.  I really like Gervase.  He and I have a friendship outside the game that I don't think anybody knows about. 

DR:  So Aras, Do you think there are gonna be any whambulance sightings this time around?

Aras:  I think my side interviews are going to be a lot better this time around.   I don't think I'll throw in any whamblulance comments.  That was like my defining moment.

DR:  That was it.

Aras:  If you don't count the fire-making with my hands. 

Candice and John:

DR:  Is there any scenario where one of you votes the other one out if you guys decide that this is the best way for one of us to bring home the money. 

John:  If that's something that we decided, absolutely.  I'm not going to be forced to write Candice's name down.  We have talked about scenarios where it may be beneficial to one or the other not in the game potentially. 

Candice:  If we decided that there was one person going to the end and we would want another person on the jury to vote, that would be a possible scenario where we would vote of the other out.  Other than that, we're going to stay loyal. 

DR:  Tell me Candice's biggest weakness in this game.

John:  I think Candice's biggest weakness in this game, everyone knows that she's beautiful, she's smart, she's athletic but one of her biggest weaknesses is maybe her timing.  The first two times she played the game, she had what she likes to call 'ants in her pants' and felt like she had to make a decision really quickly and in my mind made a really good decision but maybe just one or two days early.  The mutiny, I thought that was a great decision, but it turned around and bit her in the ass.  I think that it was a decision to win the game, not necessarily a decision to get to the final five.   Then, the other moves...

Candice:  That's enough weaknesses.

DR:  What about a little paranoia, Candice?

Candice:  Yeah, I would say I'm a little bit paranoid. 

DR:  Is there anyone that you're thinking initially, hmmm, "These might be some good people to work with."  Somebody you might want to try to align with?

John:  I know Candice knows some people from Heroes vs Villains. 

Candice:  Let's talk about the people we don't want to align with.  Let's just say, I was not excited to see Rupert's face out here.  I think we all know why.

Tyson and Rachel:

DR:  Tyson, third time out here.  You know how difficult this is. Why the hell would you put your girlfriend through this torture.

Tyson:  The closer it gets, the more I ask myself that.  At first I was like, this will be good for us.  It'll be good for her.  She'll get to experience what I've experienced twice already.  She'll truly know.  You can talk about it all you want and you can even watch it on TV and it doesn't even do it justice.  As it gets closer the heat and the rain has been coming in every night.  I've told her so many times but she still has no clue, the train that is about to hit her.

Rachel:  But you know how tough I am, right? Like, look at me.

Tyson: Yeah.  Very tough.

DR:  Tyson, you're the big Survivor guy here.  What if she comes in and she outplays you? Is that going to be a little embarrassing?  A little tough on the ego?

Tyson:  Why am I the big Survivor guy?

DR:  Well, in Utah, you strut around, you're the Survivor guy, you've been on a couple of times.  They brought you back.

Tyson:  More incompetent people have beat me in this game than not. 

Rachel:  Are you saying I'm incompetent?

Tyson:  I'm saying it wouldn't be insulting in the least because she's not the least competent of all the people that have beat me. 

Rachel:  I guess that's a complement, I don't know.

DR:  Do you think like this is your third you think you have an advantage?

Tyson:  I've gotten worse every time I'm on.

DR:  What about 3 players from Survivor One World.  Does that make you nervous at all?

Tyson:  No, they're children.  Monica, she's 45 but she tries to act like a 30 year old.  It's ridiculous.  Colton is like an emotional child.  It's not going to be hard to turn them all against each other. 







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