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Survivor Millennials VS Gen X Cast

Vanua Tribe
Gen X
Takali Tribe
Adam Klein 
Age: 24 
Location: San Francisco, CA 
Occupation: Homeless Shelter Manager
Bret LaBelle 
Age: 42 
Location: Boston, MA 
Occupation: Police Sergeant

Hannah Shapiro 
Age: 25 
Location: Boston, MA 
Occupation: Comedian/Writer
Chris Hammons 
Age: 37 
 Location: Oklahoma City, OK 
Occupation: Attorney

Jessica Figueroa 
Age: 21 
Location: Nashville, TN 
Occupation: Bartender/Radio Work
Ciandre Taylor 
Age: 39 
Location: Los Angeles, CA 
Occupation: Insurance Claims

Justin Starrett 
Age: 26 
Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL 
Occupation: Realtor/Model
David Wright 
Location: Los Angeles, CA 
Occupation: Writer/House Husband

Mari Takahashi 
Age: 31 
Location: Los Anglees, CA 
Occupation: YouTube Host
Jessica Blain-Lewis 
Age: 37 
Location: Albany, NY 
Occupation: Attorney

Michaela Bradshaw 
Age: 24 
Location: Fort Worth, Texas 
Occupation: Sales
Kenneth McNickle 
Age: 33 
Location: Denver, CO 
Occupation: Massage Therapist/Model

Michelle Schubert 
Age: 28 
Location: Yakima, Washington 
Occupation: Missionary Recruiter
Lucy Huang 
Age: 42 
Location: Los Angeles, CA 
Occupation: CEO Iron Chef/Bodybuilder

Taylor Stocker 
Age: 20s 
Location: Post Falls, Idaho 
Occupation: Ski Instructor
Paul Wachter 
Age: 51 
Location: Key West, FL 
Occupation: Boat Captain

William Wahl 
Age: 18 
Location: Long Valley, NJ 
Occupation: Student/Missionary
Rachel Ako 
Age: 37 
Location: Los Angeles, CA 
Occupation: Recruiting Director

Zeke Smith 
Age: 28
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Occupation: Comedian/Writer
Sunday Burquest 
Age: 45 
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Occupation: Pastor



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