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Survivor Kaoh Rong - Challenge Speculation
Merged Tribal Lineup 
Dara Tribe


Aubry Bracco

Cydney Gillon

Michele Fitzgerald


Joe del Campo

Kyle Jason

Tai Trang

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Episode 12 Reward Challenge:  
Balance and teamwork required.  Two teams of three players.  Jason/Michele/Tai vs. Aubry/Cydney/Joe

Tribal lineup

Remaining  six players divide into two groups. 

Jason/Michele/Tai vs Aubry/Cydney/Joe

Start on platform.  Run across floating net to next platform and get a hanging buoy.  Each team member collects a round buoy. Swim to maze platform. 

Insert the buoys into the three holes.

Episode 12 Immunity Challenge:   
Collect wooden blocks from a table, one at a time, while pulling on a rope to level an unbalanced table.  Stack blocks vertically on the unbalanced table to spell out the word 'IMMUNITY'

Tai has retreived one block
Cydney has the Y block is back with the T
Cydney has 4 blocks
Cydney in the lead here


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