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Survivor:  Cambodia - Second Chance 
Show Teasers
Updated:  8.25.15



  • The show will start with two tribes of 10 players each

    Bayon Tribe will wear fuchsia purple buffs: 
    Females: Ciera Eastin (Survivor Blood VS Water), Kass McQuillen (Survivor Cagayan), Kimmi Kappenberg (Survivor Australia), Monica Padilla (Survivor Samoa)
    Males: Andrew Savage (Survivor Pearl Islands),  Jeremy Collins (Survivor San Juan Del Sur), Joe Anglim (Survivor Worlds Apart), Keith Nale (Survivor San Juan Del Sur), Stephen Fishbach (Survivor Tocantins)

    Ta Keo Tribe will wear turquoise green buffs: 
    Females: Abi-Maria Gomes (Survivor Philippines), Kelley Wentworth (Survivor San Juan Del Sur), Kelly Wiglesworth (Survivor Borneo), Peih-Gee Law (Survivor China) 

    Angkor Tribe will wear gold/yellow buffs
    *  at some point in the game (perhaps at 18 or 15 remaining players) the two tribes will split into three
    The third tribe will be called Angkor and will wear gold/yellow buffs


  • The Survivors are divided into two tribes. The tribes are separated into two long boats each, four boats total. They are stationed in front of a much larger vessel that contains everything they will need in the days ahead. Probst explains that the Survivors will soon have as much time as they need to raid the vessel's supplies  but they have incentive to work quickly. Further out, there's a second, smaller boat containing a bag of rice. The first team there gets the bonus rations.

Hidden Immunity Idols:

  • The Hidden Immunity Idols will look different from one another.  Host Jeff Probst:  "...one idol might look beautiful, and the next idol might look like a kid made it in a craft room but both are equally powerful." (Source:  Parade.com)

  • Immunity Idols will not be hidden at camp. They will be hidden at the Immunity Challenges, at least for the first four rounds.  After that, every idol will have to be found a different way. There will be a twist to finding the idols.

  • Each camp contains a clue to the whereabouts of the hidden immunity idol, but players won't actually find the idol at camp. The clue will tell them that the idol is waiting for them at the next challenge. The clues will contain drawings of the challenges, and the exact location of the idol. So they have to grab the idol while participating in an Immunity Challenge, under the eyes of all their tribe mates, and hope they don't get caught, according to Jeff Probst. 

Tribal Immunity Idol


First Immunity Challenge: 

  • The first Immunity Challenge is a variation of the original Quest For Fire in Survivor Borneo and Jailbreak in Survivor Pearl Islands.  The Second Chance version of the challenge will run at dusk. 


Tribal Council:

  • The first Immunity Challenge will run at dusk and there will be no time to go back to camp. The losing tribe will leave directly from the challenge and go right to Tribal Council.

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