Wesley Nale


Wes Nale

  • Wesley Nale
  • Age:  23
  • Home:  Shreveport, Louisiana
  • Occupation:  Firefighter 
  • Son of Keith Nale
  • Tribe:    Coyopa




Name (Age):  Wes Nale (23)

Tribe Designation: Coyopa

Relationship to Significant Castaway:  Keith's son

Current Residence:  Shreveport, La.

Occupation:  Firefighter

Personal Claim to Fame:  Becoming a firefighter like my dad.

Inspiration in Life:  My dad because he has always been a family man who has been there for me.  He has taught me everything I know to this day and I give him credit for making me the man I am today.

Hobbies:  Hunting, fishing and drinking beer.

Pet Peeves:  When people have their windshield wipers on and it's not raining.

Three Words to Describe You:  Athletic, winner and crazy.  

If You Could Have Three Things on the Island What Would They Be?

  1.  Beer
  2.  Dip/smokeless tobacco
  3.  Mila Kunis

SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like:  Ozzy and Russell Hantz, because I'll dominate challenges and have girls under my wings making them think I will take them to the end.

Reason for Being on SURVIVOR:  Winning the money so I can get out on my own and to prove to all those who said I could never get on the show, much less win it.

Why You Think You'll "Survive" SURVIVOR:  I can provide food for my tribe.  I can climb trees and I'm strong as an ox.  I can also start fire easily and can talk to people and lift their spirits if they're having a bad day.

Why You Think You Will Be the Sole SURVIVOR: I know how to play the game better than anybody.  My social game would get me all the way because I'm great at making friends.  I have the gift of telling people what they want to hear.

What Does It Mean to You to Play Survivor with Your Loved One?  Getting to play with my loved one is going to be awesome.  Iím sure my dad will impress me with everything he does and how he will play his social game.  It will be more fun playing the game of Survivor with him because I will have somebody on the island that I could 100% trust when things get tough or when big moves need to be made.




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