Missy Payne


Missy Payne

  • Missy Payne
  • Age:  47
  • Home:  Dallas, Texas
  • Occupation:  Owner of Competitive Cheerleading Gym
  • Mother of Baylor Wilson
  • Tribe:  Hunahpu





Name (Age):  Missy Payne (47)

Tribe Designation: Hunahpu

Relationship to Significant Castaway:  Baylor's mother

Current Residence:  Dallas, Texas

Occupation:  Owner of a Competitive Cheerleading Gym

Personal Claim to Fame:  My business is a HUGE accomplishment.  I was never a cheerleader, never had taken out a loan before 1998 when I opened the doors and certainly had no idea what it would take to be "on" 24x7 with really no "off" hours.  I have a new respect for restaurant owners because my business takes blood, sweat and tears just like that profession.

Inspiration in Life:  My parents for sticking together when the rest of the world didn't and for teaching me humility, determination and generosity and supporting me through thick and thin.

Hobbies:  Water skiing, singing and video editing.

Pet Peeves:  People who conform to a standard without knowing the facts, people who play the victim, snoring, poor hygiene, bad teeth, infidelity, valet parking in the Highland Park village.

Three Words to Describe You:  Determined, compassionate and confident.

If You Could Have Three Things on the Island What Would They Be and Why?

  1.  Tweezers for eyebrows and facial hair
  2.  A journal to remember…moment by moment
  3.  Vitamin C it's the only supplement worth taking

Reason for Being on SURVIVOR:  Experience a once in a lifetime opportunity with Baylor and to win the million dollars!

Why You Think You'll "Survive" SURVIVOR:  I'll bring compassion, determination, leadership, respect, athleticism, sense of humor, the ability to dispute resolution and analyzation.

What Does It Mean to You to Play Survivor with Your Loved One?   Playing the game with Baylor whether we are on the same tribe or not will be an unforgettable experience due to our duo determination, competitive edge and ability to never give up.  We are a dynamic duo and have a lasting positive effect on people who we come in contact with.  Together, we can accomplish anything and usually succeed at any challenge set in front of us.






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