Trish Hegarty


  • Trish Hegarty
  • Tribe:  Brawn - Aparri
  • Age:  48
  • Home:  Needham, Massachusetts
  • Occupation:   Pilates Trainer




Name:  Trish Hegarty

Age:  48

Current Residence:  Needham, MA

Occupation:  Pilates Trainer

Personal Claim to Fame:  My children

Hobbies:  Figure skating, writing, and swimming

Pet Peeves:  Liars, laziness, manipulators, and arrogance

Words That Describe You:  Character, charismatic, and loyal

"Survivor" Contestant You Are Most Like:  I relate to Danni Boatwright, She played a true and honest game. She crushed the challenges and her social skills were top notch.

Why You Think You’ll Be the Sole Survivor:  I am a great team player, a very hard worker, a very positive thinker, and an incredible people person. I get along instantly with most people. I am not a control freak and I go with the flow.

Do You Consider Yourself a Beauty, a Brain, or a Brawn?  I would consider myself a brawn. I was raised in a home with four very tough brothers who were all incredible hockey players. They used to put me in goal and take slap shots off me from about two feet away when I was in kindergarten. Needless to say, they taught me well.



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