Spencer Bledsoe


  • Spencer Bledsoe
  • Tribe:  Brains - Luzon
  • Age:  21
  • Home:  Chicago, Illinois
  • Occupation:   Economics Student at the University of Chicago




Name: Spencer Bledsoe

Age:  21

Current Residence:  Chicago, IL

Occupation:  Economics Student at the University of Chicago

Personal Claim to Fame:  Captain of my high school cross country and track teams, Georgiaís 2009-2010 High School Chess Champion, tying for 1st at the World Open Chess tournament for a prize of $6,609 and becoming a U.S. Chess Expert

Hobbies:  Chess, ultimate frisbee, and partying

Pet Peeves:  People who are stupid but still voice their opinions, incompetent leaders, those who donít respect intelligence, and those who expect handouts in life

Words That Describe You:  Brilliant, competitive, and arrogant

"Survivor" Contestant You Are Most Like:  The cleverness and strategic planning of Stephen, but the personality of Marty. Like Marty, I am a natural leader and can come off as pompous and bombastic. Also, I shared Martyís disdain for Jane on "Survivor: Nicaragua."

Why You Think Youíll Be the Sole Survivor:  Iím the chess expert who can plan my victory 10 moves in advance. I can use economic game theory to know the incentives of those around me. Iím the only guy who has these skills and is still personable enough to win. Think of me as a John Cochran who doesnít suck.

Do You Consider Yourself a Beauty, a Brain, or a Brawn? A brain, in both life and "Survivor" super fandom. Iíve seen every episode. I know the game inside and out. Iíll know what Iím doing in camp life; I could probably even build a shelter just using rocks.



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