Morgan McLeod


  • Morgan McLeod
  • Tribe:  Beauty - Solana
  • Age:  21
  • Home:  San Jose, California
  • Occupation:   Ex-NFL Cheerleader




Name:  Morgan McLeod

Age:  21

Current Residence:  San Jose, CA

Occupation:  Ex-NFL Cheerleader

Personal Claim to Fame:  I am most proud of being selected to the cheerleading squad for the San Francisco 49ers while still in high school.

Hobbies:  Interior design, working out, and dancing

Pet Peeves:  Slow drivers, guys who leave the toilet seat up, when people fish for compliments, terrible pick-up lines

Words That Describe You:  Mature, determined, and attractive

"Survivor" Contestant You Are Most Like:  I think I can relate most to Parvati Shallow because she is beautiful and manipulative just like me. She has the ability to make everyone love her but also fear her. That power and confidence is a good quality to have for this show. I can also relate to Natalie Tenerelli because she was a young contestant and also a dancer.

Why You Think You’ll Be the Sole Survivor:  I could be the final Survivor because when I want something I get it. I do whatever it takes to get it. I am ambitious and very adaptive. I am never afraid to manipulate and back stab people when it puts me ahead.

Do You Consider Yourself a Beauty, a Brain, or a Brawn?  I consider myself all three but if I have to pick, I would say beauty. Who wouldn’t want to be beautiful? When you are beautiful you get what you want and I like getting what I want.



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