Jeremiah Wood


  • Jeremiah Wood
  • Tribe:  Beauty - Solana
  • Age:  34
  • Home:  Dobson, North Carolina
  • Occupation:   Male Model




Name: Jeremiah Wood

Age: 34

Current Residence: Dobson, NC

Occupation: Male Model

Personal Claim to Fame: Buying my first house on my own.

Hobbies: Fishing, hunting, and slow-pitch softball

Pet Peeves: People who are noisy eaters and people who have smart mouths.

Words That Describe You: Very happy, funny, and outgoing

"Survivor" Contestant You Are Most Like: JT, because he is a nice olí country boy who everybody loved. And Malcolm, because he is strong at challenges and very likable.

Why You Think Youíll Be the Sole Survivor: I will be very strong at challenges, able to win individual immunity, easily make alliances, and never give up.

Do You Consider Yourself a Beauty, a Brain, or a Brawn? I figured brawn. Iím not the smartest or prettiest guy.


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