Gervase Peterson


Gervase Peterson

  • Gervase Peterson
  • Tribe:  Galang
  • Age:  43
  • Home:  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Occupation:   Cigar Lounge Owner




Name (Age): Gervase Peterson (43)

Tribe Designation: Returning Player

Relationship to Significant Castaway: Marissa's Uncle

Previous Season: Survivor: Borneo 3rd jury member

Current Residence: Philadelphia, Pa.

Occupation: Cigar Lounge Owner

Why Did You Want to Return to Survivor and Play with Your Loved One? I wanted to return to Survivor because I felt that I could win the game if given another chance, and what better way to play than to play with my niece, Marissa. She is just as driven, focused and competitive as me. This is the ultimate experience and I get to share it with her


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