Colton Cumbie


Colton Cumbie

  • Colton Cumbie
  • Tribe:  Galang
  • Age:  22
  • Home:  Collinsville, Alabama
  • Occupation:  Student Teacher 




Name (Age): Colton Cumbie (22)

Tribe Designation: Returning Player

Relationship to Significant Castaway: Caleb's Fiancé

Previous Season: Survivor: One World – medically evacuated on day 16 due to illness – 6th out

Current Residence: Collinsville, Ala.

Occupation: Student Teacher

Why Did You Want to Return to Survivor and Play with Your Loved One? I probably wouldn't have said yes to returning if not for this specific twist. Last time I played I was extremely homesick and missed Caleb like crazy. He is my best friend and probably is the one between the two of us who should've been on Survivor in the first place. While I'm a highly emotional person, Caleb is very logical. He also keeps me calm in stressful situations. Having him with me will give me the emotional stability I need to combine with my already strong concept of strategy.


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