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Episode 14
"Last Push"

5th Place:  Eddie
4th Place:  Erik
3rd Place:  Sherri
2nd Place:  Dawn
Winner:       Cochran

Episode 13
"Don't Say Anything About My Mom"

RC Winner:   Brenda and Her Dad
IC Winner:   Eddie
Voted Out :  Brenda

Episode 12
"The Beginning of the End"

RC Winner:   No RC
Final 8 IC Winner:   Brenda
Voted Out (1st TC):   Reynold
Final 7 IC Winner:   Eddie
Voted Out (2nd TC):   Andrea

Episode 11
"Come Over to the Dark Side"

RC Winner:  Food Auction
IC Winner:
Voted Out:  Malcolm

Episode 10
"Zipping Over the Cuckoos Nest"

RC Winner:  Eddie, Malcolm, Sherri, Andrea, Brenda
IC Winner:
Voted Out:  Phillip

Episode 9
"Cut Off the Head of the Snake"

RC Winner:  Eddie, Michael, Cochran, Reynold and Erik
IC Winner:
Voted Out:  Michael

Episode 8
"Blindside Time"

RC Winner:  No Challenge, Merge Feast
IC Winner:
  Eddie (or Malcolm)
Voted Out:  Corinne

Episode 7
"Tubby Lunchbox"

RC Winner:  (New) Gota Tribe
IC Winner:
(New) Gota Tribe
Voted Out of Bikal:  Julia

Episode 6
"Operation Thunder Dome"

RC Winner:  (New) Gota Tribe
IC Winner:
(New) Gota Tribe
Voted Out of Bikal:  Matt

Episode 5
"Persona Non Grata"

RC Winner:  Gota  No Reward Challenge
IC Winner:
Gota (Bikal Concedes the Challenge to Gota)
Voted Out of Bikal:  Brandon

Episode 4
"Kill or Be Killed"

RC Winner:  Bikal
Shamar (leaves the game via medical emergency)
IC Winner:
Voted Out of Bikal:  Corinne

Episode 3
"There's Gonna Be Hell to Pay"

RC/IC Winner: Bikal
Voted Out of Gota:  Hope

Episode 2
"Honey Badger"

RC/IC Winner: Bikal
Voted Out of Gota:  Laura  Allie

Episode 1
"She Annoys Me Greatly"

RC Winner:  Bikal
IC Winner: 
Voted Out of Bikal:






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