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Katrina Edorsson


Kat Edorsson

  • Katrina Edorsson
  • Tribe:  Salani
  • Age:  22
  • Home:  Orlando, Florida
  • Occupation:  Timeshare Rep

  • Comments:
  • Kat says: "I love boys, and I love to talk to people. I survived my tragic open heart surgery twice when I was little. They had to replace it with a pig's valve. I just got pretty two years ago."
    Jeff says: "Kat also needs to be quiet. She's going to say something regrettable that will get her in hot water. She's likeable, she's fit, she's cute and she can work the guys. It just depends what kind of start she gets off to."

    (Source: MSN Cast Review - Jeff Probst Cast thoughts photo blog article)





Personal Claim to Fame:  I would have to say my accomplishments come from school and work. Although I only work part time, I am a top producer at my company. Iím also working on my BS at University of Central Florida.

Inspiration in Life:  I am not the average girl who has a normal hero. Essentially, if I were normal I would either choose Abraham Lincoln or Donald Trump, but my hero is fiction. Her name is Xena. She is the warrior princess, who serves as my alter ego. In her series, she changes from simple farm girl to an Amazon warrior, recognizing and pursing challenges for the greater good. She is my hero and I could only wish I can be half the woman she is.

Hobbies:  Riding horses, fishing, all sports.

Pet Peeves:  Long lines at the DMV, seat belts on airplanes, girly girls and small children with leashes.

3 Words to Describe You:  Competitive, eager and passionate.

SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like:  Andrea is my favorite. Sheís blonde, a farm girl and loves a challenge. She was able to play and get ahead in the game despite her sweet look on the outside, just like me --- for example, she wasnít afraid to throw Matt under the bus to save herself.

Reason for Being on SURVIVOR:  I want to conquer the challenges, proving not only that I can survive the obstacles but that I will be the ultimate survivor.

Why You Think Youíll "Survive" SURVIVOR:  My skills to manipulate and socialize will ultimately help me survive Survivor. I have always taken the ďleader roleĒ with my friends, family and co-workers. I build relationships, talk my way out of tickets, and socialize my way to the top. My skill set is very strong and it comes to me naturally, like breathing. I definitely think I will be an important member of the group.

Why You Think You Will Be the Sole SURVIVOR:  My life has already played this game and I won. I have faced life and death situations at a very young age. Iím a fighter and Iíll never quit. Iím very good at getting my way, talking people into things and ultimately marketing and selling myself. I may be a 22-year-old blonde but Iím much tougher than I look. I want to be the youngest female to ever win the game!


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