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Two Former Castaways Return to Seek Redemption

Hit Television Series, Hosted by Emmy Award Winner Jeff Probst, will Feature a New Format Twist

CBS announced 16 of 18 castaways who will compete against each other on SURVIVOR: REDEMPTION ISLAND, when the Emmy Award-winning series returns for its 22nd season, Wednesday, Feb. 16 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.   Two of the 18 castaways, to be revealed later this week, are former castaways who will return to seek redemption.

This edition of SURVIVOR will feature a new twist when, for the first time, castaways who have been eliminated from the game will have an opportunity to seek redemption and return for a chance to win the million dollar prize.  Each week at Tribal Council when a castaway is voted off, they will be sent to an isolated island called "Redemption Island," where they will live alone in exile.  To stay on Redemption Island, they will need to compete in a duel against the next person eliminated at Tribal Council and sent to the Island.  The winner of each duel earns the right to continue fighting for an opportunity to return to the game and the chance to compete for the title of Sole Survivor; the loser is sent home.

The battle unfolds in Nicaragua where the 18 castaways will be divided into two Tribes of nine: the Ometepe Tribe and the Zapatera Tribe.  The tribes are comprised of individuals from all different backgrounds with the same ultimate goal: to be the Sole Survivor.  While 16 of the contestants are new to the competition, two are former castaways who will be given another chance to compete for the million dollar prize and one last shot at redemption. 

Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz 
return for another season with additional cast 
made up of all new players.  


Orange Tribe


Purple Tribe


Rob Mariano

Russell Hantz

  • Rob Mariano

  • Age:  33

  • DOB:  December 25, 1975

  • Hometown: Pensacola, Florida   

  • Occupation:  TV Personality

  • Previous finishes: "Marquesas" (seventh out), "All-Stars" (runner-up)

  • Russell Hantz

  • Age:  37

  • DOB:  October 10

  • Hometown:  Dayton, TX 

  • Occupation:  Oil company owner

  • Previous finishes: "Samoa" (runner-up), Heroes vs Villains (third place)

Andrea Boehlke

David Murphy

Andrea Boehlke

Age: 21
Occupation: Student
Current residence: Random Lake, WI

Andrea may be only 21 years old, but she already has plenty of experience outdoors. ''I've been hunting and camping my whole life. I've shot seven deer and I've also hunted turkeys and lot of different kind of fowl.'' And now she's hunting human game!!! But this natural flirt also hopes to kill with kindness. Does that mean a showmance could be in her future? ''There's really only three [hot] guys. Honestly, I think I've been checking out the girls more.'' 


David Murphy

Age: 31
Occupation: Criminal defense attorney
Current residence: Los Angeles, CA

This criminal defense attorney/know-it-all always considers himself the smartest person in the room. Too bad there are no rooms on Survivor! Still, he believes his background will come in handy. ''I have a strategic advantage on the rest of the contestants based on my professional experience and based on my background. I have experience dealing with a variety of people in a variety of stressful situations and I think that gives me a big advantage.''

Ashley Underwood

Julie Wolfe

Ashley Underwood

Age: 26
Occupation: Business owner/model
Current residence: Benton, ME

The former Miss USA competitor has a theory on why pageant girls have had success in this game before. ''Pageant girls are very strategic and very charismatic and I think you have to be likable in this game,'' says Ashley. ''I want to be likable and I want to build relationships with everybody. And through pageants you really have to work on that side of your personality.'' She names Stephenie and Parvati as her favorite players. As for her least favorite? Surprise! It's Russell! ''He's a jerk and I know you can't be everybody's best friend. But he was nobody's friend. Let's be real.''

Julie Wolfe

Age: 50
Occupation: Fire department engineer
Current residence: Oceanside, CA

Julie doesn't want to win Survivor. She needs to win. ''Financially, I have to. I'm here for one reason. I'm not here for the fame or the pictures or the glory. I just went through a divorce. I have two daughters at home. The divorce was ugly. I'm paying child support. I'm paying alimony and I have two girls 100 percent of the time and my house is in foreclosure so I'm here to win that million dollars. That's the only reason.'' Her favorite contestant? ''The whole world may hate me, but I like Russell. He's evil. But he played the game.''


Francesca Hogi

Krista Klumpp

Francesca Hogi

Age: 35
Occupation: Lawyer
Current residence: Washington, D.C.

Unlike some contestants, Francesca is not here for the experience or the exposure. ''I think that a lot of people come to play Survivor and they're kind of hoping for the best but I'm not hoping for the best. I didn't leave my family and my friends and indoor plumbing and meals at regular intervals to come and live on the beach and hope for the best. I'm here to win.'' This hardcore fan didn't have to think twice when asked about her least favorite contestant: ''Doesn't everyone hate Russell? I mean he's, like, awful. He plays to win. I appreciate that, but ugh, Ewwww. Sorry. He's awful.''

Krista Klumpp

Age: 25
Occupation: Pharmaceutical sales rep
Current residence: Fairhope, AL

Krista knows something about being a leader, having been elected head cheerleader at Auburn. ''I am not the type of person to turn down a challenge. I've always been up for a big adventure and I'm pretty strong willed and hard-headed.'' And it seems living in the wild has its advantages! ''I'm actually really excited about not having to wash my hair.'' She counts Parvati as one of her favorite contestants but has no love for her former partner-in-crime, Russell: ''He had zero integrity with some of the moves that he made and some of the lies he told.''


Grant Mattos

Mike Chiesl

Grant Mattos

Age: 29
Occupation: Personal Trainer/ Former NFL player
Current residence: West Hollywood, CA

This former NFL wide receiver was encouraged by his good friend Natalie Bolton (Survivor: Micronesia) to be on the show, and he claims that, ''I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get to the end. And it's been visualized in my mind. I just need to go ahead and execute that now.'' As for his favorite contestants, he says, ''I liked Ozzy's game a lot and I like Sandra. And I really liked Boston Rob. His way with words was great.'' No shocker then that his least favorite is Russell. ''There was just a vibe there I really didn't like. But I would have loved to have played against him and seen what that was like.''

Mike Chiesel

Age: 31
Occupation: Realtor/ex-military
Current residence: Del Mar, CA

This former solider who saw action in Iraq has the best preparation possible for the rollercoaster ride that is Survivor. ''In warfare you see the absolute best in humanity and you see the absolute worst in humanity. It's a complete dichotomy of sorts. It's 15 minutes of chaos followed by a month of sheer and utter boredom.'' Mike actually applied with a former girlfriend for The Amazing Race, but when she backed out, he ended up on Survivor instead. He counts Rupert as his favorite contestant ever and Russell as his least fave: ''The dude was very watchable, however he just needed to go. I don't know why those tribes kept him in the game."

Kristina Kell

Ralph Kiser

Kristina Kell

Age: 46
Occupation: Law student
Current residence: Los Angeles, CA

Give Kristina points for having a pretty good idea what fate is awaiting her in the elements. ''I'm expecting to be miserable. I'm expecting to be hungry. I'm expecting to be cold. I'm expecting for my feet and my hands to rot. I'm expecting to be tired and angry and lonely. I'm expecting all of it.'' But unlike, say, NaOnka and Purple Kelly, she won't let that deter her from her goal. ''I'm going to knock every person out one by one until I'm the only one left. I will do everything in my power. I will say anything, do anything, go anywhere. I will faint and throw up before I give up. I have to win. This is it.''

Ralph Kiser

Age: 45
Occupation: Farmer
Current residence: Lebanon, VA

Ralph got on Survivor the old fashioned way he applied. And this southern boy may remind some of his favorite player ever, Big Tom. He plans to spread the love in the a point. ''I love everybody. I don't hate nobody. But they got to be losers, 'cause I got to be the winner. I hate to say that but I'm gonna have to get one or two of them to follow me through to the end of the game and can their ass.'' Something to keep an eye on: Ralph claims he can make fire anytime, anywhere.


Matthew Wyatt Elrod

Sarita White

Matthew Elrod

Age: 22
Occupation: Pre-med student
Current residence: Nashville, TN

This Fabio lookalike feels that like the season 21 winner he is a secret weapon waiting to explode. ''I believe I'll be an underestimated player out here when in reality I'm probably one of the most dangerous. Because I believe I'm much more intelligent than I appear. And I think I'm going to use that to my advantage. I'm athletic and I've got a good social game and I think everybody's going to have a hard time not liking me. They might see the long blond hair and just say 'Oh, he's just a surfer guy and doesn't really have a thought going through that head of his,' but in reality I'm measuring everybody up and I'm gonna know what's going on.''

Sarita White

Age: 36
Occupation: Visual effects producer
Current residence: Santa Monica, CA

How did Sarita end up on Survivor? ''They actually found me in Venice Beach. I was taking margaritas to the face.'' And while she counts Parvati as her favorite player (''I love the vixen''), Sarita plans to play much more openly and honestly: ''I'm going into it with a completely open heart, my instinct totally honed in on the other cast members, and I'm really just ready to vibe it out. To play it differently than it's ever been played before just truly from the heart.'' Sounds great! Whether it gets her past day three is another matter.

Natalie Tenerelli

Stephanie Valencia

Natalie Tenerelli

Age: 19
Occupation: Dancer/student
Current residence: Acton, CA

The teenage beauty had not watched much Survivor before she was cast, but ended up on the show after being on a professional volleyball dance team don't worry, we have no idea what that is either with Jennifer Parker of The Amazing Race (season 12). And she's already looking for another young hottie to partner up with. ''I definitely want to align with a girl a younger girl. Because I feel like if I'm not in an alliance with another girl that they will be jealous of me if say, I'm with two or three other guys.''


Stephanie Valencia

Age: 26
Occupation: Server/student
Current residence: Long Beach, CA

Don't let Stephanie's pint-size stature fool you. ''I am scrappy. A lot scrappier than people think I am. I'm really good at looking cute, but I'm better at kicking ass when I have to.'' (Don't believe her? Then just check out her work in the low budget horror short Zombie Hunter.) And while Survivor is known for its twists, there is one Stephanie was hoping not to see on Redemption Island: ''I know what I wouldn't want to see is other Survivors from past seasons, cause I saw Guatemala and that really annoyed me. I would be kind of like, 'This is my Survivor. You already did yours. This isn't All-Stars. Why are you still here?' That would really irritate me.'' Well, prepare to be irritated, Stephanie.

Phillip Sheppard

Steve Wright

Phillip Sheppard

Age: 52
Occupation: CEO, Enterprise Software Sales Group
Current residence: Santa Monica, CA

In what sounds like a plot twist straight out of Xanadu, Phillip was recruited for the show when casting director Lynne Spillman saw him rollerdancing. Philip considers Rupert, Coach, and Boston Rob his favorite players, and insists that being one of twelve siblings will help him get along with large groups in the game. And while he's excited about playing, there is one thing he is not looking forward to about the experience. ''Well, to be candid about it, defecating in an environment where other people could potentially see you or there might be a camera catching you that's not too exciting.''

Steve Wright

Age: 51
Occupation: Former NFL player
Current residence: Huntington Beach, CA

A 13-year NFL veteran, Steve played on the same Dallas Cowboys team as Survivor: Guatemala's Gary Hogeboom, but he lists Tom Westman as his contestant of choice. As someone who values ''honesty'' and ''integrity,'' Steve's pick for least favorite Survivor is pretty obvious. ''Russell was a little idiot. I would have voted him out. I would have done everything I could to get that punk out of there early. He was a cancer in the camp and I don't understand how they put up with it. But hopefully that doesn't happen in our camp. I'm going to do my best to keep things clean and straight.''



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