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Survivor: Nicaragua
Boot Sheet

Speculative and/or Sourced Evidence For or Against
 Contestants Getting Booted

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Libertad ~ Merged Tribe

Judson Birza

Outlook: Winner

Chase Rice


Outlook:  2nd Place

Matthew Lenahan


Outlook:  3rd Place

Holly Hoffman

Outlook: 4th Place



Survivor: Nicaragua Jury Boots

Dan Lembo

Juror #8

Tribe: Libertad

Jane Bright

Juror #7

Tribe:  Libertad

Ben Henry

Juror # 6

Booted - Episode 12

Tribe: Libertad


Kelly Shinn

Juror #5

Quit - Episode 11

Tribe:  Libertad

Naonka Mixon

Juror #4

Quit - Episode 11

Tribe:  Libertad

Brenda Lowe

Juror #3

Booted - Episode 10

Tribe: Libertad

Marty Piombo

Juror #2

Booted - Episode 9

Tribe: Libertad

Alina Wilson

Juror #1

Booted - Episode 8

Tribe: Libertad


Survivor: Nicaragua Pre-Jury Boots

Jill Behm

Booted - Episode 7

Tribe: La Flor

Yve Rojas

Booted - Episode 6

Tribe:  Espada

Kelly Bruno

Booted - Episode 6

Tribe:  La Flor

Tyrone Davis

Booted - Episode 5

Tribe:  Espada

Jimmy Tarantino

Booted - Episode 4

Tribe: Espada

Jimmy Johnson

Booted - Episode 3

Tribe: Espada

Shannon Elkins

Booted - Episode 2

Tribe:  La Flor

Wendy Jo Desmidt-Kohlhoff

Booted - Episode 1

 Tribe: Espada




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