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Stephen Fishbach



Stephen Fishbach believes he's a cutthroat player who can manipulate his way to SURVIVOR success, though you couldn't tell that by looking at his non-threatening appearance. The first one to tell you he resembles a Muppet, Stephen plans to sidetrack his competition with his goofy charm and quirky sense of humor.

Aided by his quick wit and prankster personality, this Internet marketing director could very well be a major player behind the scenes. A Yale graduate, Stephen certainly has the right mix of brains and charisma to disarm his fellow castaways. This New Yorker believes people will be inclined to trust him but claims "that would be their mistake, because then I strike!"

Described by his friends as wild, smart and ambitious, Stephen's biggest pet peeve is when somebody is “overconfident or cocky.” He plans to use that type of person to his advantage by forming a bond and then subtly prompting them to carry out his decisions. A strategist, Stephen prides himself on being able to pretend to agree with someone's idea while replacing it with his own.

In his free time, Stephen keeps himself active and fit by boxing and lifting weights. He also takes part in urban combat activities, namely the Idiotarod, which he describes as a great event where "five idiots drag a shopping cart from Brooklyn to Manhattan." Among his reasons for why he believes he will excel at SURVIVOR, Stephen lists "he's strategic and devious."

Stephen is single and currently resides in New York, N.Y. His birth date is January 24.

Jeff Probst: Stephen is going to have a big job to integrate well. There's a feeling on this season of 'young...kind of hip'. And Stephen's a little outside of that. He's a little more of an intellect. And if he can use those skills in the right way, I think he could do really well.

I think I'm going to be the geeky one, the nerdy one, the city boy who might get eaten alive by an animal. I definitely think there's a danger of that. I think initially sort of, I'm going to be the one who fades into the background and is just amicable. And hopefully I can establish kind of one on one relationships with people.

I am probably not going to tell people that I went to Yale. There definitely seems to be an anti-Ivy bias on the show. And I want people to judge me for just how stupid I am rather than some fake degree. But I think I look on the outside like a Muppet and I think that's going to help me well. Because people seem to think that I'm a nice guy when on the inside...maybe not so much.

I think my strategy is to go in...fade into the background...make some friends...establish personal relationships...try to forge an alliance early...and then backstab everyone 'till I win. My goal is to try to get other people to suggest the big moves. To not make those suggestions myself so that I don't seem like the devious one. So I seem like the guy next to the guy, the guy behind the guy. So I think they won't know that it's coming from me, and maybe I can maintain this nice guy persona while getting other people to seem evil.

Winning this game would change my life. Right now I've been working in corporate America for the past seven years and I really hate it. It's just soul-sucking and awful. And if I win this money I'm going to be able to...I'm going to go buy a cabin in the Sierra Nevadas and just write and it's going to change my life.

The number one fear...definitely getting eaten by an animal. Number two fear...getting voted out first, it must be everybody's. I'm very good at presenting a facade of friendliness and amicability when inside I'm thinking: how can I backstab all these people. I will be the Ultimate Survivor because I do not seem like a threat, but I am an incredible threat.


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