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Sierra Reed wants to make it clear right off the bat that she has the ability to find her place in any situation, anywhere in the world, through her perseverance and strength. Despite the fact that she is strong-willed and determined, she is one who will wear her heart on her sleeve. Not intimidated by age, ("I'm 25 and if you're 45 that's great, but if we have differences, I'm going to let you know"), Reed will speak her mind, yet she does it with purpose and passion. She hopes that her tenacity will balance out her "strong nature."

This fashion student and model is no stranger to roughing it. After moving to Taiwan by herself at a very young age, Sierra is used to living in places with no running water and filled with grime and bugs. Sierra is a self-proclaimed adventure junkie who "loves to experience new things all the time" and she believes that those experiences make her a prime candidate for SURVIVOR.

Sierra claims she isn't a "very stereotypical model," because she doesn't do it for the notoriety; she does it because modeling can help facilitate new experiences and allows for travel to amazing locations which is something she enjoys tremendously.

Her modeling background has helped to shape her strategy for the game. Forced to deal with a variety of personalities all competing for the same goal is nothing new to her, having lived with five catty models vying for one spot. This experience will be to her advantage when forming alliances and making her way through the twists of the game.

Sierra is single and currently resides in Los Angeles, Calif. Her birth date is September 29.

Jeff Probst: Sierra is one of my favorites. She's 23, she's sassy, she did a lot of homework before she came out here. She will either dig deep and show people: 'don't underestimate me' or she will fade like yesterday's newspaper. And she will be in Ponderosa, which is where all the losers hang out.

I've been modeling for seven years. I've traveled all over the world. This is the only continent I haven't been to...last one. I am in Fashion Design as well. I had a jewelry collection that was showed [sic] in '08...Fall '08 in 'Mercedes Benz Fashion Week'. And I just did an accessory line and I've just been really crafty since I was a kid. For the spare time here I just wove this and I wove a little boat...a 'wish boat' and I wrote a wish inside and I let it sail yesterday.

I kind of...You have to do things to make your hands busy and your mind busy and I think it's really showing well that I can weave mats. They're looking at me and I'm bringing some kind of craftsmanship or some kind of threats...great. Now I feel confident I going out there....I'm scared of the spiders and snakes and the nighttimes are really the scariest because you can't see. But I'm really anxious to go out there and I mean I know I have read everything up and down. And I probably can be the one to be the most assertive to build shelter and find fruit and find meals. Like I said before, weave mats, kind of help keep everyone busy.

I don't over think things because in L.A. you're screwed if you over think things, absolutely. You're constantly...especially in my business, you're constantly judged, ridiculed. It's perfect for me because I know exactly what image I can project to them because I've been projecting every different kind of image for seven years.

So unfortunately I guess it would make me a great manipulator. But I have a really good heart. So that's what I'm a little bit worried that if I take someone down and I don't think that it was well deserved, I probably will come back and help them. So people tell me that's like the worst thing you could possibly do is to show any kind of good side but...just like Ozzy did or whatever. But I think Ozzy played the game the best actually with the most heart.

And I think that it's important to not only win over your tribe as well as your viewers. Because the viewers are the ones who are going to keep you going longer at the end. So I mean...I'll just say charisma, tenacity. Psychologists called me the 'Iron Butterfly'. From a moment's glance you wouldn't see me as...if I was quiet, I'd be more like this ethereal sweet little thing with the moment that would.... I open my mouth, I'm just this...I think I'm like a ball of fire.

I don't know if I'm going to win this. I'm not really in it, as much as people would think, for the million dollars. Although it would be great. I think I'm going to still play the same mind-set that I played coming into this. And that's...I don't expect anything out of this other than to make it far as I can as a person. To push all my limits. I think I'm going to make it at least to the bottom five. I already have my strategy planned out. It would be great to win a million dollars. But to just prove this to myself that I can do this and that I can make it that far, to me is like winning.

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