Sandy Burgin


Sandy Burgin



A country girl through and through, Sandy Burgin grew up and still lives in Kentucky, where she takes pride in being the state champion of the School Bus Rodeo. A night owl by occupation, Sandy works the graveyard shift transporting construction workers to their work sites. As a professional driver for 30 years, she isn't a stranger to cat calls, especially since she is the one doing it. On one occasion she called out to a tall thin man, commenting on his physique when, to her surprise, he turned around and was clearly a priest!

She likes to unwind by crocheting or listening to country, oldies or some good old fashioned rock and roll. Her penchant for reading "do it yourself" magazines in addition to her fishing skills just might make her a valuable member of her tribe.

Sandy describes herself as funny and fearless and canít stand mean or greedy people. She is looking forward to interacting with new and interesting people and is thrilled at the opportunity to win a million dollars. With an outdoorsy nature (as reflected by her mouse tattoo) and a kooky personality, in combination with her determination to win, Sandy feels that she has what it takes to be the next SURVIVOR.

Sandy currently resides in Louisville, Ky. Her birthday is July 1.

Jeff Probst: Sandy will be unfortunately be off very very early. If her tribe loses the first Immunity Challenge I imagine she will be gone first. There's just no way around it. She's country, she can swear with the best of them, she's very likeable. But she's going to be angry when it happens, but it's gonna happen.

I'm 53 years old and I'm from Louisville Kentucky and I drive a school bus. I have two daughters and two grandsons. I'm married to a wonderful man that's taking care of my Roxie, Doberman that I refer to as 'The Princess'; Sabrina, the indoor cat which is a Bengal and the outdoor cat, Tucker. And life couldn't be better.

The way I'm going to play Survivor or how I'm gonna do in Survivor is....I'm going to play 'middle of the road'. I believe I need...number one I need to be on a winning team because they always want to get rid of the older one first. So I've got to be on a winning team number one, so that I can get through...maybe 3 or 4 Tribal Councils. Then I can be in the top 2 or 3 I believe.

So plan is to form a winning team. I'm make them wanna keep 'Mamma K' around but not enough as the 'old lady' just that I'm gonna be their security. It's like 'I need her because she can comfort me and she can give me what I need'. And nighttime like 'Oh my gawd I miss my momma' or whatever the case might be. So I'm gonna be the sister or the mom or whatever it is I need for them to be. Without being the 'old lady' or the 'motherly instinct' type person. But hey don't put it past me to caress them in my breast and say 'It's OK sweetheart'. But all the while smiling 'cause I want them to need me.

I would describe myself this way...I am a fearless woman. My personality is pretty crazy....spontaneous, there isn't anything I wouldn't do at any time. In all honesty I don't have a fear of anything. I'm the Ultimate Survivor because like I said if you believe you could achieve...and I believe so...I believe so deep in my heart...I believe I'll achieve it...with all my heart I believe I'll go home the million dollar winner.


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