Joe Dowdle


Joe Dowdle



This 26-year-old southern gentleman and savvy businessman was raised in a single parent household along with his sister. Joe is eternally grateful to his mother for all the sacrifices she made while he was growing up. He currently works in real estate investment sales and enjoys spending his free time strumming his guitar, tossing around a football and hanging out with friends. He is definitely a man who takes pride in hard work and being a Texan.

Joe truly is a genuine Texas Cowboy. After a rigorous selection process in combination with a high GPA from the University of Texas at Austin, he was selected to join the Texas Cowboys, which is a service organization where members act as ambassadors for, according to Joe, "the greatest university in the world," the University of Texas. When he is not working or volunteering his time, Joe enjoys playing basketball and golf in addition to spending time working out and running.

He feels that he will be the next person to win SURVIVOR because he is dedicated, goal oriented and plans to use a strategy he calls "persuade and evade." He intends to constantly look for alliances and win challenges, all while staying just below the radar. He doesn't like overly dramatic people and hates to lose. Unfortunately he may be faced with both in his attempt to become the next sole SURVIVOR.

Joe Dowdle is single and resides in Austin, Texas. His birthday is June 29.

Jeff Probst:  Joe is gonna be compared to Colby. That's what I think people are gonna say. Looks like a strong fit dude...he's good looking, he's charming. I think if Joe gets on the right tribe he'll be a leader, he'll be strong at challenges and he'll probably be in the game for awhile.

I'm Joe. I'm 26 years old. I'm from Austin Texas and I do commercial Real Estate. People in Texas, they tell it like it is and how it should be. And some people get offended by that. Some people are used to the fluff. So we kind of put it out there...if you wanna take it you can take it...if not then you can send it right back.

I'm gonna have to resist being a leader out here I think. As far as strategy goes, I'll really try to concentrate on being laid back. But at the same time I think I can earn people's confidence and trust throughout...just being a provider...providing a sense of security to some folks. 'Play hard and play smart'. And also 'persuade and evade' is what you can expect from me in the game.

My pet peeves are really when people really talk just to talk. And I imagine that'll be a pretty overwhelming thing out here. Have the 'drama queens' even the 'drama kings' just drawing attention to themselves. 'Cause it's fine with me because it'll be more of a distraction than anything else. But that's a really big pet peeve of mine.

I would say I'm a strong guy. I think I'm a confident guy. I have an understanding of other people. I think I'm pretty good with understanding them. I'd say I'm a pretty well rounded individual. I have a lot at stake here. Strictly because, the opportunity that money can provide is enormous if you use it wisely. Also there's a lesson to be learned about yourself out here. So I think that there's a lot of good information about yourself you could learn. And a lot of strength you can gain out here. I think that's pretty much priceless. It's an experience of a lifetime and there' many people have a 1 in 20 shot at winning a million dollars.


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