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Erinn Lobdell is a hairstylist and make-up artist who is out to prove she's not just another pretty face. After recently going through a very personal growing experience, Erinn is ready to prove that she can make it on her own and rise to the challenge SURVIVOR will bring.

"A lot of times I've found that people don't think I'm smart enough to play games." says Erinn. Although she's fine with people thinking she's dumb because, according to her, "she'll be dumb like a fox." Those people couldn't be more wrong as she is ready to show off her strong people skills as well as her ability to read the faces of her competition. Through skills learned at her job, she's been able to adjust her behavior depending on the situation which can serve as a great strategy in the game.

As a runner, Erinn is very athletic and is constantly training for the next big event. She recently completed training for a marathon and works out everyday to stay in great shape. To her, SURVIVOR will be a very enriching experience and she is certain she will excel.

Erinn currently resides in Milwaukee, Wis. Her birth date is October 21.

Jeff Probst: Erinn I'm on the fence on. She's got to make a first impression....that is: 'I'm a worker'. Right away. 'Cause otherwise, I think you look at her and you might judge her as a pretty girl who's gonna fade early. So that would be my advice: 'pick up the heaviest thing you can and start walking'.

I work at a really busy salon downtown. A really high end clientele. We get kind of everybody coming in...from college kids, older women, basically anybody that wants to look fabulous comes to us. I would say 15% of my job is actually being good at styling hair. Most of it is getting people to trust you, making them feel good about themselves. Just very quickly being able to read them and turn around and make it into something they love. It's all about people skills, a little bit...obviously you can't give somebody a bad haircut...but it's a little bit about the technical skills and the majority of the work that I do is about people.

I think that my career and the skills that I've obtained from it give me a huge advantage in this game. Because I do, on a daily basis over and over and over, have about a five minute period to get someone to like me and to trust me...and to do what I'm gonna tell them to do. I think that's a skill I can absolutely use in this game.

I would describe myself as somebody that is not too serious but not too crazy. I definitely like to have fun but I also work when the work needs to be done. I'm somebody that people like to be around. And I think that'll be helpful. I don't have any really annoying habits. I don't think I have any real big red flags that would send people right away over the edge of...'oh we want her out'. So I think that will be helpful to me.

I am real very even keeled. I don't get angry about a lot of things and am not annoyed easily. I generally tend to kind of keep my wits about me all the time. I think that this will be a good exercise in thinking before you speak. If I have any faults that I'm concerned about it's that I can tend to just blurt whatever I'm feeling. And I think this is gonna have to be a place where you control that a little bit because you don't want things you say to be misconstrued in any way.

I think the thing that people are most often surprised by is that I am a lot smarter and a lot tougher than I may come off. And sometimes especially in this environment, that might be on purpose a little bit. I might let you think a certain way for awhile before I come out and let that show.


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