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Debra Beebe



A self-described people person, Debra Beebe is a middle school principal and married mom from Auburn, Alabama who believes that her natural leadership abilities and tactful problem-solving skills will contribute to her success as a castaway on SURVIVOR. Debra, also known as "Bubbles," feels that her enthusiastic and energetic personality, in addition to her take-charge attitude, will erase any doubts about her ability to succeed in this game.

The fact that she is one of the older castaways will not be a hindrance for this woman who previously trained alongside Olympic athletes and still rises every morning at 4:30AM to get in her daily workout before tackling a day filled with hundreds of pubescent teens, pre-teens, parents, faculty and staff. Not one to be intimidated (even at a tiny 5’2”), Debra juggles work, her husband and her children. It’s no surprise that this go-getter won “Alabama’s Principal of the Year” award yet still finds occasional free time for shopping and dancing.

Debra feels that her occupation has taught her how to deal with politics which she can apply to the group dynamics of her tribe. With her abilities as a natural leader combined with her bossy and competitive nature, Debra plans to focus on the weaknesses of others in an effort to get them eliminated.

Debra is married with five children and currently resides in Auburn, Ala. Her birthday is September 28.

Jeff Probst: Debra's interesting because she's quote unquote an older woman this season. But she doesn't act like one. And her life experience of working with kids all the time as a Principal also helps keep her young. I mean look at how she dresses and how she wears her hair. She has a very young energy. The question is will she get labeled with a first impression of: 'eh...she's the old woman, let's get rid of her'. Or will people think 'she's got a lot of energy, she's got a lot of vitality, maybe we should keep her around'.

Life is grand. I mean the reason I love it so much is you never know what's gonna hit you each day. I mean with 6th and 7th graders and the hormones, life is pretty exciting actually. I think I have a huge advantage because I'm a Middle School Principal. I deal with...I have 908 6th and 7th graders which come with parents and siblings. I deal with a huge diverse group on a daily basis. I also personally have teenagers of my own. Some look as about as old as some of the castmembers. And so I have a huge diverse background in dealing with people from all different backgrounds, different likes, different beliefs. And I kind of morph and work with them...because I do it on a daily basis as a Principal.

Obviously I am one of the older contestants. It can concern me a little bit but I also think it's going to be to my advantage. I'm in great shape. I'm going to do wonderful in the challenges. And I'm going to bust it around camp. I'm going to work hard. But I also can be kind of the 'mother' figure a little bit to some of these younger kids.

But I'm also kind of a clown. And I love that time, like my kids want to go out with me. Because I may be the one that's in the middle of dance floor doing a back handspring. I've been known to do that. And so I think I can relate to them really well and have a good time doing so. But I do think that...that's why I've worked out every single morning at 4:30 to 6 since the Finals, to get myself in the best possible shape I can be in. Because I do know my age could be negative aspect going in.

I am extremely outgoing. I have a tendency to wear my heart on my sleeve. I immediately say my feelings. I trust way too much. And so even in this process, I'm even telling myself: 'step back and think'. You know, 'don't be a leader'. 'Cause I have such a tendency to take over and 'lead'...because that's what I do everyday. And I really want to step back a little bit from that role. And not come off the 'bossy leader'. I cannot stand whiners and negative. You know there's other people in the world that always have it worse than we do. And to me 'life' is not a dress rehearsal, this is all we've got. and you gotta live each day to the fullest. And negativity and people whining and complaining will drive me insane.


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