Brendan Synnott


Brendan Synnott

  • Name:  Brendan Synnott

  • Age:  30

  • DOB: September 28

  • Home:   New York, NY

  • Occupation:  Entrepreneur




Brendan Synnott is all about playing the game. Whether it is in front of a classroom teaching entrepreneurial success or taking part in outdoor extreme adventures, he knows how to read the odds.

Raised by a single mom in Connecticut, Brendan pulled himself up by the bootstraps to be the co-founder and CEO of Bear Naked, a natural food brand that was recently acquired by a major corporation. Despite his financial success, he is not all about the money.

Success to him, however, is about more than simply creating, building and selling a thriving business; it's about hard work, passion, fun and surrounding yourself with the best people.

Synnott has always wanted to combine his love of the outdoors with his skills as a leader. In school, he played both football and baseball, and still stays active as much as possible. He loves to compete and says it's a driving force, even in business. It will especially be a driving force on SURVIVOR.

Brendan is single and currently resides in Vail, Colo. His birth date is Sept. 28.

Jeff Probst: He's a very successful businessman. Those skills can work on Survivor. He knows how to lead people. He knows how to take an idea and execute it. So he's going to have to overcome the burden of people figuring out he's successful and still wanting to keep him in the game.

Being an entrepreneur is...I don't's like a dream come true. I loved every minute of it. I love walking into the office everyday and you walk yourself into a new situation. And you don't know necessarily kind of who the players are gonna be or what needs to be accomplished. You just figure it out on the fly. To me walking into a new situation everyday and having to solve it creatively was the most inspiring thing to do everyday.

I love adventure...I love competition and I love just playing games. And when the opportunity arose to be on Survivor I said, gawd it's like the ultimate game to go play. Like why not go play it? And to go have an adventure in a cool far off land that I haven't been to before is just an awesome awesome experience.

Living in the wildlife to me I think it's really healthy to kind of break yourself down every once in a while and strip away everything you know really well and have to kind of re-build it. And this is the exact...this setting that's gonna happen. All the material possessions, everything that we know is kind of taken away from us. And we have to start from scratch and I think that's good for your character. I don't like to lose. I really like winning. So that's probably my greatest fear...getting voted off first for some reason. But other than that to me I just look at this as a great adventure, a great opportunity, a great experience. Just go have fun with...go play a game.

I think in this game you need to be a quick study of people's character and I think in business that's true as well. You also need to be able to kind of motivate and lead people and understand what's really driving their actions. Because as much as Survivor is about surviving the elements it's more about I think understanding and being able to communicate with others. Ultimately it's how you play the game in as well do people want you to they support they feel good about that? And I think you need to play the game so that you achieve your goal but also do it in a way that people support and appreciate how you played it.

I think that it's important when you get out on Survivor that you use all the assets that you have. And so if being nice to people or smiling to people in a certain way helps you achieve your goal then I think you need to do that. My motto in life is really just about having fun. playing games, being passionate about what you believe in. And kind of having a clear vision about what goal you want to go accomplish. That to me...having that sense of purpose is really important.


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