Randy Bailey


  • Name: Randy Bailey

  • Age:  49

  • DOB: March 31, 1959

  • Home:   Eagle Rock, Missouri

  • Occupation: Wedding Videographer

  • CBS Survivor: Gabon
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Randy Bailey wants to be personally responsible for crushing the hopes and dreams of all other contestants with delusions of winning SURVIVOR. He considers himself a ruthless bully who enjoys picking on those that were not blessed with his strength or intellect.

Randy describes himself as angry, blunt, mean and sarcastic (yet charming), and admits he's a train wreck.
Bailey declares he has no living relatives besides an older brother, from whom he hasn't heard from in years. He says he has never met a person who didn't eventually disappoint him. The only "person" he has ever loved was his recently deceased black Labrador mix, Johnson, with whom he lived for 13 years.

His biggest pet peeves are cell phones and overly religious people, and he says he doesn't allow either in his home or car.

Bailey's hobbies include scuba diving, marathon running and triathlons, including competing twice in the Hawaiian Ironman. Despite having competed in over 100 triathlons, he claims that he has not been off the couch in years. Instead, he now enjoys his nightly hot tub with a scotch on the rocks. He is also a private pilot, enjoys watching football and occasionally plays golf.

Bailey's primary motivation for being on the show is to be hungry, tired, dirty and smelly. He also says he needs a long vacation where he will not be hassled with the mundane issues of his boring life. He's a SURVIVOR purist and guarantees he will win if the game is not "poisoned" with too many twists.

Bailey is currently single and lives on a lake in rural southwest Missouri. Randy recently moved from Plano, Texas where he lived for 20 years and still claims to be a Texan at heart. He plans on returning there after he wins the million. He has an engineering degree from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, but chooses to work as a wedding videographer where he can set his own schedule.

His birth date is March 31, 1959

Randy: "I'm looking forward to it. To be honest this could take place in Central Texas and I would be just as excited. The location is secondary, and yes, Africa is unbelievable.  I am outnumbered here, I am older than most of them, so I have to fit in. Probably that will be difficult for the average person out here, there are a lot of 20 somethings. I hope to get in an alliance with 4 or 5 people and be in the middle, so I am not the biggest target in the alliance and I'm not the weakest person either. The best way to describe myself is handsome and charming but that is a croc.  I used to be handsome and I used to be charming. I've had a lot of defining moments in my life. You don't get this old and not have a lot of defining moments. Most of them are bad and I don't really want to get into them. The biggest positive defining moment a month or so ago was when I found out I was coming here. Doesn't get much bigger than that."

Jeff Probst: ''Randy is crotchety and clever. He's the guy who will come to Tribal Council and try to challenge me, which is a huge mistake, because I'm not playing for a million dollars. But I don't think he's as evil as he wants you to think he is.''

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