Paloma Soto-Castillo


  • Name: Paloma Soto-Castillo

  • Age:  24

  • DOB: August 24, 1984

  • Home:   Downey, California

  • Occupation: Student

  • CBS Survivor: Gabon
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Paloma Soto-Castillo has been playing the social game her entire life, one of the skills necessary to succeed in the game of SURVIVOR. Her parents were both missionaries, causing her to move around a lot during her childhood. Growing up with this lifestyle taught her to adapt to any environment and she became a stronger person as a result.

Soto-Castillo was born in Chile and lived there for a large part of her life before moving to Tennessee, Virginia and then settling in California. One day, on a whim, she decided to leave everything behind and move to Kenya…alone, without any group or organization. She lived among the natives and wild animals for three months without any support from family and friends or any modern conveniences. After witnessing the people's suffering first-hand, she says it changed her life and she's certain she'll go back and help change their lives. Soto-Castillo is motivated to win SURVIVOR so she can open an orphanage or elementary school for the children of Kenya.

Soto-Catillo has a B.A. in communication studies from California State University, Long Beach and continues to go to school. She is currently working on her single subject teaching credential and works part time as a waitress. Her hobbies include traveling, camping and reading. In her free time, Paloma loves staying competitive and keeping her mind sharp by playing Texas Hold 'Em.

Soto-Castillo is single. She currently lives in Downey, California with her Shitzu, Sam. Her birth date is August 24, 1984

Paloma: "I love Africa, I've been here before.  I haven't been here, I was in Kenya but I love Africa and I think it is an amazing continent. I am a little scared playing the game with animals around, this is their territory.  This is their home and we're pretty much invading it for a little bit, especially the hippos and the elephants because they are very territorial. The scenery is amazing, the weather is amazing, it's not too hot, not too cold. The reason I was chosen for this show is because I am very adventurous.  I don't know if brave is too big of a word too, but I think they saw that I am feisty and that I am able to do this. I am really passionate about this game and I really want to win so I think they saw that when they interviewed me. I need to separate my life with the game life. I am a completely different person when I play a game board and when you meet me on the street. It's a huge deal, the stakes are high, it's like playing Monopoly for a million dollars. People who are dishonest and deceitful, it might even be myself, I'm not going to judge that - that is the person that they are.  I am going to firmly believe it is the context of the game and it's not who they are. Just being able to separate the two...real life and game life. The reason why I want to win the million dollars is to take some back to Kenya and build a school for the kids that I taught because they don't have a school, they just have sticks up. That will help me a lot, because I am very motivated even if it isn't for me, but for those kids that I love, so it will really help."

Jeff Probst: ''Paloma is sassy, cute. My question for her is, 'Is her attitude real, or is it a put on?' And if it is a put-on, how long will she be able to sustain it when she starts getting hungry? Paloma's going to have to pick the right alliance. Who you decide to team up with early on has such an impact on how you do in the game, because if you pick the wrong people, it can be hard to get out from under that.''

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