Michelle Chase


  • Name: Michelle Chase

  • Age:  24

  • DOB: March 7, 1984

  • Home:   Los Angeles

  • Occupation:  Music Producer

  • CBS Survivor: Gabon
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Michelle Chase has been through more in her 24 years than most people have in a lifetime. Not only did she grow up poor in South Florida with a single mother, but her best friend, her father, disappeared from her life at an early age. As a result of her Dad's absence, her mom became the most influential person in her life.

Although life has been rocky for Chase, she's tough and resourceful and isn't afraid to speak her mind. She began supporting herself at the age of 16 and was married and divorced by the time she was 19.

Chase currently works as a music production assistant. She enjoys DJ-ing, boxing and surfing and describes herself as lively, bodacious and loud. When asked how her friends would describe her, she says hardcore, fun and set in her ways.

Besides being mentally strong, Chase has also run several triathlons. She is ready to bring her street smarts combined with physical fearlessness to the game of SURVIVOR.

Chase is single and currently lives in Los Angeles. Her birth date is March 7, 1984.

Michelle: "I think that me being a boxer and knowing what I know, knowing my abilities and what I can do because I have pushed myself very far in the past,  I think I will have a bit of an advantage. The best way to describe me is complex. I have a tendency when I feel threatened or attacked to attack back or defend myself. I think in this situation I have to learn how to use being attacked or being threatened as a victim and kind of play that up. I had a bit of a rough adolescence.  My dad got married when I was 11 to a crazy, psycho woman, and after we kind of cut all ties when I was about 13, I just became very independent and I moved out when I was 16 - out of my mom's house not because I have a bad relationship.  I have a great, healthy relationship with my mom. I was ready to be on my own and live for myself. Besides the fact that I am a genius, I am very perceptive. I have been noticing a lot of things. There's a girl walking around with a book, "48 Laws of Power." I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want anybody to know that I am reading that book. Not only that, but she is running around exercising everyday. I am in shape, and strong, but I want these people to think that I'm weak and that I can be beat. From seeing what I am seeing, I think I am a little smarter than some of these people. If I run up against an elephant, I'm going to run straight then swiftly to the left, because they have poor eye sight and I'll disappear so they won't see me. I am actually more scared of getting shit on by a hippo than anything else because I heard they spray diarrhea everywhere. That is my main concern. There's a couple of girls with a lot of...they express themselves through style it seems like...it will be interesting to see that being taken away and they will be left with their personalities. I'm in Africa dude, how crazy is that. I haven't even been to the Bahamas. I'm in Africa, how crazy, it's nuts!"

Jeff Probst: ''Michelle is a wild card for me because I actually thought that Michelle had a good solid energy coming into the game. But she's very small and very young. I think her life experience is the big question mark. What will she do when the going gets tough?''

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