Matty Whitmore


  • Name: Matty Whitmore

  • Age:  29

  • DOB: December 18, 1978

  • Home:  Pacific Palisades, Calif 

  • Occupation: Personal Trainer

  • CBS Survivor: Gabon
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Matty Whitmore knows first-hand what it's like to have a lot and what's it's like to lose it all. At the age of 18, Whitmore inherited a trust fund from his grandparents, allowing him to live a comfortable life in paradise until partying it all away. Now at the age of 29, Whitmore wants the opportunity to find out what he's capable of doing on his own and believes SURVIVOR holds the answer.

Whitmore currently works as a personal trainer on the westside of Los Angeles and enjoys teaching health and wellness. His idea of a perfect day includes a two-hour vigorous workout, training clients and a surf session, followed by an hour in the sauna and yoga. The remainder of his day is spent hanging out with his long-time girlfriend, Jamie, and his beloved dog, Dink. He claims that if health was wealth; he'd be considered a billionaire.

Not only does Matty have physical ability and strength, but he also possesses bravado and confidence. He brings knowledge of the outdoors and social skills to the game and can't wait to gain more self-awareness through this experience. Whitmore prides himself on helping people not take themselves too seriously and hopes to use those skills to manipulate others into doing what's best for him.

He currently lives with his girlfriend in Pacific Palisades, Calif. His birth date is December 18, 1978.

Matty:  "I am what they call a foolosopher, my biggest fear is taking myself too seriously. I think the world takes themselves too seriously, expert this, politically correctness crap. I want people to lighten up and learn to enjoy their life, and not be so wrapped up in crap. They don't stress the most important sense a human has, a sense of humor. I had a girlfriend from about the time I was 19 to 23 and I really loved this woman. She got fed up with my BS and the excessive behavior and left me. It was the first time I have ever been dumped. It humbled me. That's when I sobered up a little bit.  I stopped going to school and stopped receiving the money. And life hit me like a ton of bricks like a Mike Tyson hook.  It knocked me down. So, for the last 10 years, I have been growing up.  I am fully self supporting.  I am a personal trainer.  I have a girlfriend that loves me, I think.  I have a dog. I've done a 180. I am a little too honest for my own good, a lot of times I annoy the hell out of people because I can't stop running my mouth. That is going to be a little hard because I want to be under the radar but with my personality I just can't seem to shut up. I want to remain true to my girl. My last trick is to be like flirt or to make a move with a woman That isn't what I want to do. The thing I'm least looking forward to is running into snakes. I hate snakes, don't want to deal with snakes. I think health is wealth. I am all about eating, cleaning and working out. It's my life. I am a trainer, I got to live what I preach."

Jeff Probst: ''I think Matty will be one of the favorites this season, someone people will absolutely love. I find him to be one of the most endearing guys we've ever had on the show to the point where it could work against him because he can't hide anything. If he's confused, he says 'I'm confused.' If he's happy, he's smiling. If he's sad, he's crying.''

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