Marcus Lehman


  • Name:  Marcus Lehman

  • Age:  28

  • DOB:  October 3, 1979

  • Home:   Atlanta, Georgia

  • Occupation:  Doctor

  • CBS Survivor: Gabon
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Marcus Lehman, a young doctor from Jacksonville, Fla. considers himself mentally and physically prepared to compete for his chance to be the sole SURVIVOR.

Recognized as the state of Georgia's hottest bachelor by Cosmopolitan Magazine in 2006, Lehman strives to achieve the highest levels in all areas of life.

A rower and graduate of Harvard University, Marcus went on to finish medical school at Emory University while developing his interest in triathlons. The single resident physician of Cuban-American descent will eventually work as an anesthesiologist after he completes specialty training, but also continues to develop his interest in medical reporting and acts as a spokesman for preventative medicine.

Marcus describes himself as a romantic who enjoys exercising, playing music, cooking and fine wine, not to mention doing some flirting on his way to finding the perfect girl. Marcus hopes he will be able to use his charm and physical prowess to make it far in the game.

Lehman's birthday is October 3, 1979.

Marcus: "I wake up every morning, and holy crap I am in Africa. Of all the places I thought I would be right now, this is definitely not one of them. We used to joke around in medical school that you learn three things, don't smoke, wear sunscreen and stay away from Africa because every crazy disease you read about you would find it here. A little bit of me is actually paranoid here but I'm getting used to everything, same grass, same air, same ocean. I am starting to enjoy it too. Everyone is kind of eyeing each other and sizing one another up and I am really looking forward to finding out who these people I'm with are. I'm definitely single so I am not going to complain if I am the Adam and there is an Eve in this "Last Eden." I would consider it but mostly in the context that this is a game for a million dollars. Looking back to the previous Survivors, I think there is a combination of things to get people to the final pair or final three. Usually it is a lot of conniving, which I'm not the biggest fan of but I know when you are interacting with people, you have to do a lot of things to make commitments with people. Certainly my experience with medicine and dealing with families, patients and all the pressures that are coming in and you are trying to make a marriage of all these expectations. I think that will be a huge asset coming into the game when it comes to deal with alliance. Being a physically fit person is a benefit because the challenges are exactly that, physical challenges. You have to be in decent shape to survive 39 days out here. This game will probably bring out a lot of pet peeves I didn't know I had about other people. I guess I would say people who are opinionated but they don't necessarily have a lot of understanding what their opinion is about. I run into a lot of people that think they know what doctors do but they don't. I can see that being really frustrating out here. In some ways, I have considered the actual stress physically and emotionally is going to be rewarding because it is going to teach me I have depths of energy that I never knew I had before. It's going to teach me to interact with people in a way that I never understood. And being stressed out and still having interacting with people is incredibly challenging and having to do it for 39 days, I haven't conceived it. So hopefully it will change me for the better."

Jeff Probst: ''Marcus is a physician, as he likes to remind people. And he is a true leader, an extremely bright guy. He's a hero. He is a huge threat to win the game, for sure. He has looks, he's got smarts, he's probably the fittest guy out there, so he's got a lot of things going for him.''

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