Kelly Czarnecki


  • Name: Kelly Czarnecki

  • Age:  22

  • DOB: April 4, 1986

  • Home:   Buffalo Grove, Illinois

  • Occupation: Retail Sales

  • CBS Survivor: Gabon
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Kelly Czarnecki describes herself as a leader by nature. And though she has worked for everything she has, she'll also be the first tell you that "she gets what she wants and does what she wants." Don't be fooled by her girl-next-door looks Czarnecki is a mid-western spitfire who loves the outdoors. Called adventurous and ambitious by her friends, this one-time cheerleader always finishes what she starts because to her there's always a reward at the end.

Hailing from Buffalo Grove, Ill., Kelly has three brothers who have helped make her both physically and mentally tough. In her free time, Czarnecki loves to camp, hike and canoe. She describes herself as an energetic strong minded achiever for which self-confidence is not a issue. This fashionista can be found at the gym at least five times a week and is skilled in kickboxing, yoga and Pilates. Although most of Kelly's time is spent focusing on her career goals, she is a self-proclaimed "denim expert," and hopes to one day open her own clothing store.

Aside from studying fashion marketing at the Illinois Institute of Art, Kelly is also the sales manager at one of the top retail boutiques in Chicago. Czarnecki claims "she is a hell of a salesperson and can talk anyone into anything," although she also wants them to feel good about their purchase. She believes it is those leadership skills she's received from her job and schooling that has prepared her for SURVIVOR.

Kelly resides in Buffalo Grove, Ill. and her birth date is April 4, 1986.

Kelly:  "The best way to describe myself is I'm independent, I am very ambitious to succeed. I am confident. I am overconfident because my brothers were always there pushing me around, hassling me, you do this, you do that. And if I wanted to put a worm on a fishing hook, I would have to do it. I would have to pull my own weight the whole time, tough girl, strong, never cry. So I may look like this little blonde girl, but my brothers got me to be tough. I also am an assistant buyer and assistant manager at one of the top stores and I'm also one of the top sales people. I am easy into manipulating just by snoozing them a little bit and giving them my charm. I'm probably going to have to utilize those skills and my ability to analyze people and what they are thinking. I can sometimes switch over to act a different personality, that's what a sales person does. The reason why I'm probably on this show is my fill for this game. The risk I took for missing a lot of things back at home, missing my brother's wedding, it kinda shows that I have a lot going for me and just my overconfidence probably, my strong attitude. The coolest thing about Africa is that I have been dreaming to be here. I've wished so many times to go on a African Safari on my honeymoon even though I am 22. I can't wait to see the gorillas, the warthog, the puma. Probably my worst personality trait is my overconfidence, sometimes it's not a good thing. I think my strongest ability in this game, is my strong mind, competitiveness, my athleticism. I think these people think that I'm this blonde girl who doesn't know anything, can't stay in the wilderness, needs to comb my hair, that's not me at all. I've grown up with boys, I've lived with boys my whole life so I know how the game is and I'm very strong."

Jeff Probst: ''The way I would describe Kelly is that she is part of the Text Message Generation. And she speaks that way, she'll say 'OMG!' for 'Oh my God!' That's Kelly. And just as a grown man looking at her I could say, 'That's charming, she's young and has her whole life ahead of her.' But as a tribemate I'd probably say, 'If she says OMG, I'll probably say get the <bleep> out of here.'''

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