Jacque Berg


Jacque Berg

  • Name: Jacque Berg

  • Age:  25

  • DOB: September 10, 1982

  • Home:   Santa Barbara, Calif

  • Occupation:  Medical Device Sales Rep

  • CBS Survivor: Gabon
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Jacque Berg always plays to win and will settle for nothing less than number one. She's trained her whole life to play a game like SURVIVOR. Competing in several sports such as gymnastics, water polo, crew, track and swimming, she's proven herself a leader.

Berg thrives off pressure and has gone as far as competing against sales executives with 10 years experience to land her dream job as a medical device sales representative. Berg, one of the youngest people in her industry, is also a writer and charity organizer.

Constantly on the go, Jacque admits she doesn't like to sit still and is full of life. Her hobbies include running, swimming, surfing and boating. She describes herself as enthusiastic, adventurous, sweet and extremely positive. Her biggest pet peeve is people who talk about their big dreams but do nothing about it. She believes we all have control over our own destiny.

Berg confesses that she performs her best when in extreme situations and can't wait to overcome the physical and mental challenges SURVIVOR will offer.

Berg grew up in Minnesota and is currently single and lives in Santa Barbara, California. She has a B.S. in business administration from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Her birth date is September 10, 1982.

Jacque: "I do medical device sales in Santa Barbara, CA, and it is extremely competitive. I'm working 80 hours per week, non-stop, working until about 10 o'clock at night. The job is male dominated, it's like 80% men. Most of the people in my job are 10 years old, so I have to try to work my butt off to build up my creditability. Ever since I was a little girl, I have been driven. I've done sports all my life, and I chose an occupation that is competitive and I thought Survivor would be perfect. So I am a little nervous in that I didn't want to come off as a target or a threat to anybody. So at the beginning I want to play the nice, quiet, shy card. Usually in situations, I try to be the leader but in this game, I am going to try to lay back so I don't become a target. I'm from MN, and my favorite time of the year is when I get to go up to the cabin, and be in the lake and be around the wildlife. I love challenges and rising to the occasion. I unintentionally flirt to every guy I talk to and I don't mean to, but I am in sales and that's kind of my job and I work with physicians. I don't want a target on my back from the other girls. Even though I might try to flirt with the guys, and manipulate them a little bit, I don't want that to get back to the rest of the group. Being from MN, I am genuine and I trust a lot of people. In the game, at the end, I am only going to make alliances with people I know I can keep them With. I am going to be a little standoffish with the people I can't, alright, I don't want to lie too much in the game, well if a million dollars is on the line, who knows. Friendships are the #1 most important thing to me, so if someone crosses me, I will cross them back, probably even worst."

Jeff Probst: ''I think Jacque will be a bit of a dark horse. I don't think she'll be a leader. I think she'll use her looks and her charm to get in with the right guy and hope that she can ride with that guy as far as she can. If Jacque gets deep into the show I think she's a legitimate threat at the challenges. She's pretty fit.''

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