Danny "G.C." Brown


  • Name: Danny "G.C." Brown

  • Age:  26

  • DOB: July 13, 1982

  • Home:   Portland, Oregon

  • Occupation: Maintenance Man

  • CBS Survivor: Gabon
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Danny Brown deems himself a true SURVIVOR, having overcome a difficult childhood including homelessness, and a mother who constantly moved both him and his brother to temporary housing. However, despite his hardships, Brown was resilient and optimistic.

As a child, Brown learned to swim and fish in the Colorado River and developed a lifelong love of the outdoors. He said he would quit his job to live outside if he could. His hobbies include producing music, fishing and traveling. He enjoys playing basketball and lifting weights whenever he gets the chance. He describes himself as adventurous, outgoing and silly, and he doesn't like dishonest people.

Brown currently works as a maintenance supervisor for the apartment complex where he lives and claims that making it through the week there is a challenge in itself. His job consists of cleaning, painting, plumbing, electrical repairs and customer service for the tenants.

He believes that his determination, hard work and social skills can get him to the end.

Brown lives in Portland, Oregon with his girlfriend, Shannan. He shares his home with his dog Chica, a cat named Scout and five snakes. His birth date is July 13, 1982.

Danny: "I didn't have a really great upbringing and as a result of that, it made me a very strong person.  I only have myself to depend on, it has made me motivated to take care of myself.   I don't want to be in the same position as people in my family. I applied because they sit around and talk about, you can't make anything happen unless you try. Money can change my life because I have been so long without it, struggling without it, pay check to pay check.  I have so many ideas on what I want to do with my life but it just takes money. I don't want to try to do anything that will make me stand out too much.  I want to be helpful in every category, but I don't want to be like 'Danny is catching too much food, or he's too good at the challenges.' But I hope that doesn't hurt me too much because I am good at something. I have experience with fishing and being outdoors and being around really hot temperatures. I feel I can at least provide and that's what might make people want to keep me around and I think, making people laugh, too. If you want anything in life, you just don't get free handouts.  If you expect it, you usually get in trouble to get that fast money."

Jeff Probst: ''G.C. is a fish out of water. Does he have the fortitude to really do this? Because when I talked to him before the show it seemed like a lot of nervous energy masquerading as confidence. But it was, really, I felt, fear, like 'What am I getting into?' And that's not a good place to be because what you're getting into is a big ol' headache.''

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