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Dan Kay has come a long way from his blue-collar roots in Boston. Born and raised in Walpole, Massachusetts, he was very involved in athletics, especially football, skiing and track. While in high school, Dan played on a varsity football team, which had a long tradition of winning, a tradition that has helped shape his strong work-ethic. He graduated from The University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science & English and later would earn his law degree from Syracuse University College of Law where he was also a member of the Moot Court Honor Society.

Charismatic, hard working and goal oriented, most of Dan's traits were formed from the influence provided by his parents and a select few coaches and teachers. As a young boy, his father became disabled, leaving his mother to care for his family and, eventually, his ill grandmother, all while working as a full-time nurse. In addition, Dan credits his mother's work ethic and unselfish attitude for his strong desire to overcome any obstacles in his career and personal life.

Dan has practiced law in Boston for five years, which helped him to purchase several investment properties. However, dedicating so much of his time to his practice left him depressed and feeling less than fulfilled with his life. Prior to leaving for SURVIVOR, he sold off a number of investments and spent time away from his job, in an effort to focus more on himself and his friends and family. He believes this recent awareness, along with having an increased appreciation for the people in his life rather than material possessions, will help him succeed not only in his personal life, but on SURVIVOR.

Attractive, athletic, single and a lawyer, Dan is set to make a big impression on his competitors. Dan's hobbies include skiing, running, biking, weight training and cooking. Currently, he is training to compete in his first triathlon.

He is single and lives in Boston. His birthdate is June 30, 1976.

Dan: "I was an athletic kid growing up and the town I'm from is very sports oriented.  I wouldn't describe myself as a tough kid but I definitely played contact sports. Different levels of winning, I can come home if I don't win, and say hey, I'm in Africa.  It is the last place I thought I would be a year ago.  I am here to win a million, I am here for my family, it doesn't get better than this right now. What I want to take away from this a better understanding of myself.  I know I talk about having this idea with who I am right now. Being in a stressful environment... I hope that it not only reinforces my ability to not only lead... but to be able to blend well and live with those factors and variables and still be the happy healthy person that I am. I am a very analytical person, that's part of my problem. I have been comparing myself all my life. I am going to say that I am an intelligent person and I think that will come out in the game. I think I have a good sense of people, and trying to make everyone around me feeling comfortable and that's selling 101."

Jeff Probst: ''He's earnest, but he is his own worst enemy. He means well and does not know when to shut up. He's like a cocker spaniel, charming and annoying at the same time.''

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