Crystal Cox


  • Name: Crystal Cox

  • Age:  29

  • DOB: March 28, 1979

  • Home:   Durham, N.C.

  • Occupation:  Former Olympic Athlete

  • CBS Survivor: Gabon
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Crystal Cox, a 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist in track for the 4 X 400m Relay, is ready to tackle new challenges as a contestant on this season of SURVIVOR. As a single mother and athlete, she is the sole provider for her family and calls herself "the glue that holds the home together."

As a child, Cox's family frequently moved, forcing her to adapt. The only girl in a home with four brothers, Crystal held her own physically and became mentally tough as a result.

Cox currently works as childcare teacher, high school track coach and a professional athlete. She has a B.A. in communications from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

When Crystal is not training to compete, she enjoys surfing the internet, traveling and relaxing. Her hobbies include volleyball, kickball and softball. She describes herself as a leader who is outspoken and open minded. She possesses the three "Bs" required to be Sole Survivor, which are: brains, beauty and blazing speed!

Cox currently lives with her daughter, Destiny, her boyfriend Harry and his son in Durham, North Carolina. Her birth date is March 28, 1979.

Crystal: "I won an Olympic gold medal in the 2004 Olympic games in the women's 4x4 100 meter relay. Any person that has been an athlete pretty much their whole life, that is the epitome of being an athlete. The chapter that I don't ever want to reflect on is growing up as a teenager. My mom was never there, she strayed away.  She was on drugs, taking care of my brothers. I'm bringing the 4 Bs: brains, beauty, blazing speed and brawn and my object in this game is not getting picked off by any means. If I have to lie, I will, because I don't have to see these people another day of my life. Ever since I have been in college, my life has been about time management. You can pretty much succeed if you stay focused, and you're determined and you manage your time. I'm very organized. Down the road, I think I will let one or two people know but from the get-go, they don't need to know from A to B, and they don't need to know me either. All they need to know is that she is kicking ass, we need to keep her around. I may come across as intimidating at first but hopefully they will see me as an asset to the tribe. When we stepped off the plane, I was in awe. I was just like 'wow', because this is what Africa is...the lush land, the water. Just really taking in the spiritual aspect. I am going to be the first Olympic champion and Survivor winner."

Jeff Probst: ''I think Crystal's big dilemma is going to be, 'What does she say that she does? Who does she say she is?' Because it's obvious she's an athlete. Crystal has a mouth on her. She does not edit. That makes her great at Tribal Council, but a liability in the game.''

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